Curly finds his voice

(and oh yeah, Hi Interwebs!!)

13 responses to “Curly finds his voice

  1. precious. just precious.

  2. Adorable! I just love mornings when they wake up that way. Our Big Guy has been doing it more and more but the little guy is just starting. Its my favorite part of the day.

  3. How great! he is just precious!

  4. Isn’t that just the best? Holland is talking up a storm

  5. Funny little man! He’s so cute and I am still im awe of those lashes.

  6. Sweet! Is he practising to join the choir?

  7. omg, what a *sweet* video!! thanks for sharing with us! miles is adorable, i could just eat that baby up! 😉

  8. Awww! And now you get to spend the next 18 years trying to get him to be quiet! 😀

  9. Great vid – he is so gorgeous!! Our dog just stood here watching him with her head cocked looking very confused lol

  10. OMG, he is the cutest little guy! Thanks for sharing the video.

  11. how adorable is that

  12. You made me smile hugely on a Monday… Well done, Miles!

  13. Oh my god. That was adorable! He looked by turns surprised, delighted, and a little scared at the noises he was making. SO CUTE.

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