New adventures

Today marks the beginning of a transition…one of many we’ve already been through or have yet to experience. Nutella is back at work today and I’m at home for the next 11 weeks (FMLA gives me 12, but I took off a week for our beach vacation). Nutella is very sad to have to go back to work, but we decided a while ago it was the right plan for us at this time. We need our two incomes to live comfortably, and I’m not sure either of us is cut out to be a full-time stay-at-home-mom. We’re glad to have gotten this much time to be with Curly though, and also delighted that when I’m done, the grandmothers will be taking over.

So I sit here typing with my hiccuping boy on my lap, who just woke up for the day. I’m curious how he’ll do taking bottles half the day. I’m looking forward to documenting his patterns a bit so we can get on at least a loose schedule. And I’m looking forward to all the things we’re going to do together- trips to the park, gardens, the zoo, the pool, museums, malls, various cities to take strolls, etc. I really want to make the most out of my time with my son. But one thing is certain- we will both miss Eemah to bits.

Miles in a pepto bismol bumbo

Curly in a pepto bismol bumbo

11 responses to “New adventures

  1. How exciting that you get such a nice period of time to be with Miles, and that you’ve got loving care lined up for him when you head back to work. I hope that Nutella’s transition back to work goes smoothly. Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures!

  2. How wonderful that you and Miles will get to spend several weeks together! You sound just like my wife… all geared up for adventures when the baby arrives. Very, very cute. I look forward to pictures off your explorations!

  3. Good luck with the transition. How nice that you can take turns with your leave like that!

  4. Thinking of you three today as you make the big switch! Hope it is a good day for all. xo

  5. Good luck! Miles is a lucky boy (and those grandmas are lucky too…)

  6. how wonderful that you get to spend this time with miles. thank heavens for the fmla!

    hope nutella’s transition back goes as smoothly as possible.

    and yeah, blech on the pepto bismol coloring! he’s super cute in it, anyhow 🙂

  7. wow – you guys worked this out great! i’m glad he’ll have some alone time with you as well!!

  8. Poor Nutella. I bet this will be a hard day for her but how exciting and wonderful that you get to have this amazing time with him. I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures with the beautiful Mister Miles. He’s so big!

  9. Les Make Babies

    Miles is so lucky to get another 3 months of a mom at home! He gets cuter with each picture. Isn’t it funny how there is absolutely no question that Miles is a little boy?! I’ve thought that since you posted your very first picture of him – he’s such a little boy!

  10. Wow – big switch! But how lucky you are to both get leave to be with Miles. I hope it goes well!

  11. Miles is adorable! I so don’t look forward to going back to work, so I feel her pain. On the other hand I think Miles is lucky you two scattered your time so you can be with hime the next 11 weeks. You both are going to have fun! Enjoy your time with him!

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