Back to the real world

We’ve returned from our week-long beach vacation yesterday. Our weather was unbelievably perfect- not one drop of rain the whole week. Curly enjoyed the sensation of his toes in the sand and his first dip in the pool. He charmed his grandparents and they returned the favor. We were lucky enough to spend a weekend with the ladies from Looking For a Little Turtle, even enjoying a night out dancing while the grandparents looked after Curly. And Curly is now willingly taking a bottle of breastmilk once a day in preparation for my return to work.

Curly was very well-behaved on the trip, as long as he got enough naps in. We’ll definitely remember this trip fondly for years to come. Oh, and we have lots of pictures to share with you in a password-protected picture post later, so please comment if you want the p-word. For now, we’ll leave you with a teaser…

Beach baby

Beach baby

36 responses to “Back to the real world

  1. What a cutie pie! I would love to see more! May I have the pw? (belle155015 at gmail dot com)

  2. hi hair looks lighter in that pic – can’t wait to see the rest. glad you had fun:)

  3. I would love to see the photos.

  4. yes, would love the password!

  5. Now that’s a happy baby! I’d love to have the password please.

  6. hello ladies, password please! 🙂

  7. could i have the password too?

  8. Yay! May I have the password please?

  9. Hello, can I please have the password?

  10. Welcome home! The pics Strawberry emailed were great. Do I have a password for you already? If I did, I lost it. Please resend. 🙂

  11. Oh my, I can’t stand the cuteness!

  12. Oh I would love to see more pics of the little cuti! Can I please have the password?

  13. Password me, please!

  14. Can I have the password too please 🙂

  15. Honestly, Miles seems a bit older in this photo!!

    I’d love to see the other photos and visit the beach vicariously!

  16. Wow, he’s getting so big! How cute, would love to see the pics.

  17. Can I have the password please?

  18. So glad you enjoyed your beach vacation! well-deserved.

    I’d love the password!

  19. Next in Line

    A week long beach vacation sounds heavenly! Can I have the password please.

  20. would love to see the pics-can I have the password too. (you guys have quite a following)

  21. reproducinggenius

    I would love the password!

    It sounds like you had a fabulous time at the beach, and little Miles is just adorable.

  22. i’d like the password too…………:O)

  23. That definitely WAS a teaser! I’d like to see the rest 🙂

  24. password please

  25. I’ve been a lurker for a while now, and would love the password:)

  26. I’ve lost the password – may I have it again, please?

  27. he’s getting more adorable everyday! we were thinking about taking our 5 month old to the beach but was nervous about the sun. would love to see more pictures!!

  28. Amy- we made sure he was in the shade for most of the day, and almost our entire time at the beach. We had him in a shirt that had spf50 in it. You can also buy sunshades with spf in them. You’re almost to the point where you can use sunscreen though 🙂

  29. I can’t find your password, can I get it, please?

  30. yes, please!

  31. I would love to see the pictures of that beautiful baby boy.

  32. this photo is lovely!

    asking for the p-word….please 🙂

    and yay on the bottle situation!


  33. Would love the pw to see more pics! This one is so cute!

  34. I’d love the password, thank you 🙂 Great beach pic!!!

  35. I’m coming a little late to the party but I would love to have the password if you don’t mind!

  36. I would love to see the pics!!!

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