2 months

Today is Curly’s 2 month birthday!  To celebrate, we took our first trip on public transportation where he was fascinated by the moving lights of the train as it sped through the tunnels.  We went into the city to visit a big annual festival and met up with a few other mommy friends, one of whom I went to high school with and haven’t seen since 2005.  How would I ever have friends if it weren’t for F@cebook?

Curly typically sleeps when we are out with the stroller, but not today.  Too much to see and hear.  I had to keep the shade over him because it was very sunny and bright out, but he stayed wide awake the whole time anyway.  We nursed twice while we were out and he did quite well.  Once we got home and I had fed him, we swaddled him tightly and put him in his crib with the shade drawn because the kid NEEDED a nap.

I have to say, that the past 2 weeks or so he’s become very fun.  Smiling and laughing, engaging with people, interested in objects and sounds.  He’s holding his head up by himself 90% of the time and staring at the world in wonder.  His patterns are becoming more regular.  On Saturday we are leaving for a week at the beach with my parents and we will be introducing him to sand and to the water in the pool and ocean.  I hope he enjoys it and that it’s the beginning of a summer tradition.  Sure, he’s too young to appreciate caramel corn, boardwalk fries, putt-putt golf, skee ball, and stargazing but in the years to come we will share our love of these things with him and learn to love them anew through his eyes.

Wow, I wasn’t expecting this post to get gooey, but there you go!  How about a fun anecdote and picture in anticipation of the holiday weekend for those of us in the US?

So, the other evening Strawberry was holding Curly just before feeding time.  Being the impatient little thing that he is, he decided not to wait for me to take him.  Unfortunately for him, it doesn’t quite work that way.

Nipple confusion

Nipple confusion

Strawberry took it as a compliment, but hopes he wouldn’t try it with just anyone!

12 responses to “2 months

  1. What a hilarious photo! So cute. Go Miles, riding the metro!

  2. hahaha…great photo!
    that is great that he is getting to be more active and alert. sounds like he had a great time out and about

  3. Congrats to Miles on his first train ride!

  4. Happy 2 months to Miles from Holland:)

  5. Sounds like Miles had a blast! I am eager to hear about his reaction to the beach and pool!

  6. How exciting that he’s so engaged and alert! I hope that your trip to the beach is one of many wonderful memories.

  7. Happy two months, Miles! That photo is fab. Sounds like y’all had a blast on your outing–how wonderful to watch your little man begin to engage with the world.

  8. Happy 2 months, Miles! That’s an adorable picture!!

  9. reproducinggenius

    It sounds like your trip to the beach is going to be fantastic!

    Love the photo. He’s such a cutie. Happy two months, little Miles! I’m so glad you’re beginning to be more fun for your moms! Keep up the good work little guy!

  10. Photo is hilarious! So glad things are going well for Miles!

  11. that is the best picture ever!! 😀

  12. oops! 😉

    Happy 2 months!

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