The Family Cold

So first it was Curly that got snuffly, then Nutella, and now me. We all have the same icky cold. Thankfully, Curly seems to be the furthest through it and is back to sleeping in longer chunks at night. The two days after the shots though? Those were awful. We had him on baby ty.lenol every 4-6 hours, but the effects of the shots and the cold made him extremely fussy and clingy and wakeful all through the night. It’s so hard to get through periods like that, but thankfully we appear to be on the other side now. And this morning it seemed like he was actually enjoying the snot sucker. lol. My advice? Try turning everything, even nasal aspiration, into a game.

We did have some fun this weekend though. We went to an art show, to lunch with a friend, and to the zoo. I thought it would be really hard to go places with a baby before we had him, but it’s turned out to be easier than expected. He tends to nap a lot in his sling or stroller, and when he’s not, he’s very interested in his surroundings…remaining wide-eyed and quietly alert for up to an hour. He always flirts with our friends, flashing smiles and staring at their faces. He’s such a joy to show off. Usually when he gets fussy when we’re out, it’s because he’s overstimulated and getting him to nap fixes it. And we’ve found it’s easiest to change and feed him in the car right when we get to where we’re going and/or before we leave.

rock on

rock on

Interested in the red panda

Interested in the red panda

Tuckered out with stuffed panda

Tuckered out with stuffed panda

11 responses to “The Family Cold

  1. So glad everyone’s feeling a bit better! I love the pictures – looks like the zoo was a hit!

  2. aw, those pictures are adorable! he sounds like such an easy baby to take on outings – what a blessing!

  3. I’m glad that Miles is on the road to recovery. Just have to get his Mommies all better now! That first picture is adorable. He just gets cuter and cuter!

    PS – We had “Nutella Creme Brulee” last night at dinner and thought of you guys šŸ™‚

  4. It’s amazing to see (through these pictures, anyway) how expressive he has become in such a short time. What a fabulous baby! So glad you had fun showing him off.

  5. Hmm – we’re ploughing through the shots crappiness + cold/cough too – NO FUN! Glad you folks are on the mend. Miles is such a cutie!

  6. Awwwwww!!! That picture with the stuffed panda needs to be printed and framed! So cute!

  7. Hey!

    We have a few questions we’re hoping you might be able to help with… can you e-mail me?

    Thanks šŸ™‚

  8. So cute. Did Miles get to see the baby gorilla??

    hope everyone’s sniffles are almost gone.

  9. Sounds like a fun family outing – we love the zoo! Hope everyone gets better really soon!

  10. super cute! he is changing everyday

  11. this is the best age to take them places. they just hang out. it’s nice.

    he’s getting big, and so cute!

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