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sniff, snort, snot

Just in time for his 2 month appt (held a few days early because the Dr. is on vacation next week), Curly developed a case of the snotty sniffles.  No fever, and he doesn’t seem terribly bothered by it, but he sounds so sad when he sniffs and snorts.  Although he didn’t sleep well last night, waking us every 2 hours instead of giving us his longer 4-5 hour stretches. We’ve been treating him as recommended with liberal use of the snot sucker (nasal aspirator), some homemade saline drops, and keeping him in the steamy bathroom with me when I shower.  The doctor wasn’t concerned at his appointment today.

The first part of the appointment was uneventful.  Curly is a big healthy boy.  He’s gained a full 2 lbs since his last visit on June 2, putting him at 12 lbs 4 oz.   Length is 23.5 inches, head circumference 39cm. Somewhere in the 75th percentile for all of them.  According to our copy of  “Your baby week to week,”  he’s the size and weight of an average 3 month old.  We are just about ready to switch him to the medium gDiapers and we need to go through his clothes again to remove the things he’s outgrown.  His dosage of baby Z@ntac has also been increased to accommodate his weight gain.

Today he got his first round of vaccinations with 2 shots.  We dosed him with some Tylen*l before the appointment because we’ve read that a fever is common after receiving them. He got a combined DTaP/ HiB /polio called Pent@cel and a single pneumococcal.  Poor guy was SHOCKED and HORRIFIED.  The nurse was very quick and before he’d even taken a breath after his first scream, she was all done.  I was ready and waiting to put him to my breast and he latched right on and calmed down.  He certainly does have a fair red headed-like complexion.  His whole head turned bright red when he screamed.  For now, he’s drowsy and I hope he won’t suffer too much from these vaccinations.  No more until his 4 month appointment.  For me (needlephobic, remember?), these 2 quick shots were much easier to deal with than the horrible drawn out heel pricks for his PKU test when he was only a few days old.  As a reward for being such a good boy, Curly was sent on his way with these:

Battle wounds

Battle wounds