Daily Archives: June 23, 2009

Rockin & rollin

We put Curly on his tummy two evenings ago, and minutes later, he had rolled onto his back and looked mildly stunned. He hasn’t done it again since, but it was very exciting for all. He also rolls onto his side when we place him on his back.

He’s found his hands and fingers and frequently puts them in his mouth. It definitely keeps him busy while he’s waiting on getting his diaper changed or before/after breastfeeding. He responds to our smiles and babytalk with his own smiles and makes funny coos and squawks when he’s amused. We notice he’s becoming more of a “baby” than a newborn and it’s pretty exciting.

Unfortunately, the poor boy has to suffer through his first set of vaccinations on Thursday. Really not looking forward to that. We are delaying the less important ones, but it’s still a lot for anyone to go through. Hopefully our big boy will get through it ok, and we’re anxious to see just how big he is now.

Mirror Miles

Mirror Curly

how YOU doin?

how YOU doin?