6 weeks for me and baby

My 6 week postpartum appointment with the midwives was Thursday. I got the green light to resume all previous activities, but was told to be gentle with myself because it should still take some time to get back to normal. Really great news is I’m back to within 11 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight and now I’m allowed to start exercising again. With my stretch marks and everything, I’m not going to be “bikini-ready” this summer, but I have hopes for the future.

One thing that I haven’t mentioned on the blog about my postpartum  recovery is that I suffered some nerve damage in my feet and lower legs as a result of the epidural, prolonged labor & pushing while in stirrups. Immediately after birth, both of my legs were very swollen as well as numb and tingly. I could barely walk even with support. Things improved over the next few days, but by one week postpartum, I still had reduced sensation, pins & needles, and reduced range of motion in my left foot. I kept seeing my chiropractor after pregnancy and he thought I might have some nerve damage and referred me to a neurologist. I had an EMG (runs electrical current through your nerves & muscles) and was diagnosed with damage to my common peroneal nerve (which runs from the outside of your knee down to your foot). I’ve been in physical therapy for two weeks, twice a week, and doing my own exercises every day and have begun to see improvement in my range of motion, but the numbness and tingling will have to eventually go away on their own, which the doctors think will happen.

I have to say, that of all of the symptoms and side effects of pregnancy and birth, this is not one I had ever heard of or expected. It has been very frustrating to deal with. For the first few days at home, I couldn’t even carry Miles up and down the stairs safely. I’m very grateful that it’s my left foot that is affected so that I can still drive. Arranging child care for Miles while I go to appointments has been a hassle, but I’m very glad we have family close by so that I’m able to do it.

Yesterday marked 6 weeks for Curly. He has certainly come a long way. On average, he gives us 7 hours of sleep at night broken up into 3-4 hour chunks. He smiles and sometimes laughs. He’s outgrown some of his first outfits, which we are now passing along to the other couples we know with babies on the way. He has become more interactive with his toys, like the bouncer and the playmat, and likes to stare at shapes, lines, and faces. He’s also able to lift his chest up with his arms when he’s on his belly. He does well in groups of people, as he tends to fall asleep in the sling. He’s definitely much easier and fun to deal with on a day to day basis now.

Naked tummy time

Naked tummy time

Oooh toy

Oooh toy

Sweet sleeper

Sweet sleeper

12 responses to “6 weeks for me and baby

  1. oh gracious, that sort of side effect is definitely not something you hear about! glad you are feeling a little better & hope the remaining numbness/tingling goes away soon. did the docs say how long it would take to resolve?

    the pics of miles are adorable, as always! he’s changing so much already!

  2. I hear ya about the leg pain! I’m in my 27th week, and I’ve had a sensory nerve problem since week 4. I also had to see a neurologist, but she couldn’t do anything for me. My left leg from mid-thigh to knee goes numb and tingly about 6-8 times a day. (and if I don’t sit right away it’s very painful.) I don’t know if it will continue after the birth of our little girl, but I hope so! Good Luck.. I feel your PAIN!

  3. sorry to hear this about your legs/feet!

    but, that is one super cute baby!

  4. I got a spinal after birth when being stitched up (I had to be *very* stitched up), and the anesthesiologist asked the nurses to cushion my legs (the legs I couldn’t feel) in the stirrups to avoid “peroneal nerve damage.” I had no idea what he was talking about. I guess I should have thanked him.

    I hope you continue to feel better. It must be an extremely frustrating complication.

    Miles is lovely.

  5. I’m sorry about that weird pain! I hope it goes away soon. Miles gets more darling by the day–thanks for posting those sweet pictures.

  6. Yikes, that’s a horrible and scary complication – I’m glad it’s going to heal.

    I love the pictures – what a cutie!

  7. I can’t believe you are 6 weeks out… That is a strange and hard complication. I really hope it gets better soon.

  8. Miles is absolutely darling. I am glad to hear that PT has help your range of motion. Hope you recovery quickly.

  9. Yikes, I’ve never heard of the nerve damage side effect either. I hope you continue to recover and don’t suffer any permanent effects. Glad to hear you are both otherwise doing well.

  10. reproducinggenius

    Oh, I’m so sorry this has been going on. My neighbor actually had this very same side-effect from her epidural, and it did go away, but it certainly took some time. I hope your recovery speeds along now.

    Miles is just adorable. What a sweetheart!

  11. Who would have thunk? I have never heard of that but thanks for the heads up. It sounds miserable but I am happy to hear that it is getting better.

    Looks like things are otherwise peachy in your world. That’s great!

  12. goodness! I hope you get back to normal soon. I have never heard of that either!
    Miles is looking ever so cute!

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