Nursing bra reviews

So, I’ve been at this breastfeeding thing for a few weeks now and I wanted to share my personal reviews of several nursing bras.  Let me explain that I had a small ribcage measurement and a large cup size, even prior to pregnancy.  I haven’t worn a non underwire bra since middle school.  My size cannot be found in most department stores in the US and Vickies doesn’t make anything in my size.  I began my search for a functional, supportive, and possibly attractive nursing bra when I was 8 months pregnant.  These were purchased from a combination of the internet and specialty breastfeeding boutiques.  All of the bras below have drop cups and function as nursing bras. Here are the details:

Fancee Free 94366– soft, mostly cotton stretchy material.  Poor support, very similar to a shelf bra or inexpensive sports bra.  The straps were far too long, I cut and shortened them about 4 inches.  I have it in white though some sizes are available in black.  No separation, uni-boob appearance.

Anita 5062– very stretchy poly nylon material.  Poor support similar to a shelf bra or inexpensive sports bra.  Very low cut, boobs don’t stay in when leaning over or laying down. No separation.

Fancee Free 94305 (sold as “Extra Support Bra”)- mostly cotton material.  Good support.  Inner cup material is so itchy I find the bra unwearable. Some separation, slightly pointy silhouette.

Fancee Free 93201 (sold as “Great Support Bra”)- non-stretch, mostly cotton material. Some support.  Low cut, good for v-neck shirts. No real separation, but supportive enough to wear with everyday clothes. Natural silhouette.

Goddess 2050 non-stretch nylon material.  Excellent support and separation. High cut in the center, so a rather “granny-like” look, however it comes in beige for better camouflage against caucasian skin tones. Stays comfortable all day long. Slightly pointy silhouette.

Freya 2034– silky non-stretch, poly-nylon material.  Excellent support and separation.   Low cut in the front,  sexy black and beige polka dot pattern.  Natural silhouette.  Expensive. Wife likes.

6 responses to “Nursing bra reviews

  1. You. are. the. best. I will definitely be referring back to this in a little while!

  2. thanks for all of this info! what a $$ saver it will be! im printing this post and stashing it away for when i need to buy new bras!

  3. I LIVE in my target nursing tanks! Although, total uni-boob, but great coverage for nursing in public.

  4. Thank you so much for all this info… I need some new bras NOW…

  5. dariasquirrel

    OMG- thanks! love that freya and am happy to hear a good review so i can splurge!!! at least ONE of them will be cute!

  6. Some fantastic sexy nursing bras from HOTmilk are available now with huge discounts at Hermama. Just Google Hermama to find a bargain while stocks last.

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