Daily Archives: June 10, 2009

Nursing bra reviews

So, I’ve been at this breastfeeding thing for a few weeks now and I wanted to share my personal reviews of several nursing bras.  Let me explain that I had a small ribcage measurement and a large cup size, even prior to pregnancy.  I haven’t worn a non underwire bra since middle school.  My size cannot be found in most department stores in the US and Vickies doesn’t make anything in my size.  I began my search for a functional, supportive, and possibly attractive nursing bra when I was 8 months pregnant.  These were purchased from a combination of the internet and specialty breastfeeding boutiques.  All of the bras below have drop cups and function as nursing bras. Here are the details:

Fancee Free 94366– soft, mostly cotton stretchy material.  Poor support, very similar to a shelf bra or inexpensive sports bra.  The straps were far too long, I cut and shortened them about 4 inches.  I have it in white though some sizes are available in black.  No separation, uni-boob appearance.

Anita 5062– very stretchy poly nylon material.  Poor support similar to a shelf bra or inexpensive sports bra.  Very low cut, boobs don’t stay in when leaning over or laying down. No separation.

Fancee Free 94305 (sold as “Extra Support Bra”)- mostly cotton material.  Good support.  Inner cup material is so itchy I find the bra unwearable. Some separation, slightly pointy silhouette.

Fancee Free 93201 (sold as “Great Support Bra”)- non-stretch, mostly cotton material. Some support.  Low cut, good for v-neck shirts. No real separation, but supportive enough to wear with everyday clothes. Natural silhouette.

Goddess 2050 non-stretch nylon material.  Excellent support and separation. High cut in the center, so a rather “granny-like” look, however it comes in beige for better camouflage against caucasian skin tones. Stays comfortable all day long. Slightly pointy silhouette.

Freya 2034– silky non-stretch, poly-nylon material.  Excellent support and separation.   Low cut in the front,  sexy black and beige polka dot pattern.  Natural silhouette.  Expensive. Wife likes.