Paid in full, part duex and bathtime

On Friday, we received a lovely package from the ladies over at babypants.  Inside were some adorable handmade Pay It Forward baby shorts, soft shoes, and a messenger bag from the exchange.  It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but the shorts fabric features tiny frogs in jars.  Perfect for our froggie themed nursery.  They are a bit too big for Curly just now, but we look forward to dressing him in them.  And by that time, the babypants ladies will have their own little bundle of joy to dress up!  Thanks ladies!

Pay it forward items

Pay it forward items

Last night brought another milestone to our lives.  Curly’s first bath!  The boy isn’t a fan of diaper changes and didn’t much appreciate any of the sponge baths he had received thus far, so we were wary of how he’d react to the tub.  But he loved it!  The contours of the bathtub are a little too big for him just now, so we might see about getting a contoured headrest.   He was quite cooperative and the entire bath only took about 5 minutes, but I think he had a good time.  And hey, we ended up with a clean baby!

Miles first bath

Curly's' first bath

All dry!

All dry!

10 responses to “Paid in full, part duex and bathtime

  1. wow, babypants rocks!
    adorable pictures. simply adorable!

  2. sweeeet pics :] Miles is a doll

  3. Yeah for first bath photos! Make sure you print some to keep.

  4. We have the same bath! Miles looks way bigger in it than Holland did – we have the exact same pictures except that Holland is screaming in the bath one:)

  5. He’s adorable!

  6. My heart just melts with every picture you share of Miles. He is sooo precious!

  7. He looks like he had a lot of fun in there!

  8. Augh! So cute. Love the frogs!
    Thanks also for your very helpful comment on my blog–I really appreciate it, especially since you have so much going on yourself. Keep those adorable pics coming!

  9. oh my goodness…the cuteness!!!!! love the photos – love them!!!!! xo

  10. I am really happy that you like the babypants and shoes so much… I swear he just continues to get cuter!!

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