Daily Archives: May 14, 2009

Appointment extravaganza

Today Curly had his second pediatrician visit. He is now 8lbs 14oz (a week ago he was 8 lbs 2oz)┬áso we need not worry about him eating well! We could definitely see that he’s gaining some weight…he’s got a cute, fat belly and some chub on his limbs and in his cheeks. The doctor said all looks well with him, and then a nurse did a repeat PKU. This involves a heel prick and after having been with him in the hospital for at least 2 heel pricks, I can safely say this nurse sucked at it. Poor Nutella couldn’t watch, and for 10 minutes, Curly was either frantically sucking on my finger or crying and Nutella was also crying. Not fun.

After that appointment, Nutella had her first postpartum visit with the midwives. They say she is healing well, all for one stitch where apparently her body didn’t like the stitch and decided to heal itself differently but just as well (called healing by secondary intention?) She was happy to find out that she’s already lost 25 pounds, and will pick up a prescription tomorrow for something to help with those nasty hemorrhoids.

Finally, Curly has been in gDiapers for the past couple days and so far, so good. He fills them out well and they almost always contain his messes, save for one or two pee blowouts (but even when he’s in Pampers, they still couldn’t contain those pee blowouts) So we’re definitely sticking with them for a while, and he models some below for you.

Orange, check out that belly!

Orange, check out that belly



Rockin out in glam black

Rockin' out in glam black