Daily Archives: May 12, 2009

Pay it forward, paid in full!

A while back, I “won” the promise of a homemade gift from Poppy over at Eeney Meeney Miney Mommy. Well, today the gift arrived and oh my goodness, is it adorable! Thank you thank you thank you, we are so impressed by the craftsmanship, creativity and sentiment. Curly helped us open the package and models with his gift below.

In other news, sleep deprivation and caring for a newborn have created the following amusing incidents starring my lovely wife Strawberry. At some indeterminate o’dark hour, with Curly sleeping safely in his bassinet, I awoke to Strawberry peeling back the covers and patting them furiously. She was hallucinating that the baby was in the bed with us, under the covers and suffocating. I had to assure her that he was in the bassinet next to us, just fine. Apparently, this was the second time it had happened that same night, as she was recalling later on. The first time she was in bed alone and he was downstairs with me. I have no idea how long she went about patting the covers that time.

And secondly, just now, as I was soothing Curly with his pacifier after he had finished breastfeeding, he spit out the pacifier and it went under the coffee table where I couldn’t reach it. Curly began to cry and Strawberry reached under the coffee table to retrieve it, and instead of wiping it off and putting it back in Curly’s mouth, she wiped it off and tried to put it in MY mouth. We both shared a laugh at that.