Daily Archives: May 11, 2009

Living and Learning

Last night we had a semi-good night. Prior to last night, our nights have been filled with inconsolable scream-crying that began anywhere between 8pm to 11pm and lasted until 4 in the morning. To deal with it, we took 2 hour shifts so the other one could get some shut-eye. But that meant, one person was dealing with a screaming baby for 2 hours all alone and this led to much sorrow and desperation. During the day, Curly is an angel…with periods of sound sleep and sweet alertness, but when the sun starts to set, the dread of another long night sets in.

Last night, we decided that his superlong feeding in the evening was leading to gas and an upset stomach, which in turn, led to a crying baby. We hope to put a stop to that from now on by limiting how much solid time he can spend on the boob in the evenings. In the day time, 10-20 minutes seems to suffice, but in the evenings, he loses his ability to self-regulate and wants to go for at least an hour. Nutella’s milk supply is abundant and he’s not yet been able to “drain” a breast so he keeps eating and eating and eating.

Last night, Nutella was up with him until 2am, although he fell asleep on her chest at midnight. She fed him at 2am and then he slept til 5am in the bassinet for the first time (prior to this, it was either on us or in the carseat). Another feed and diaper change at 5am, and he slept til 8am. If this type of pattern continues and gets better, we can definitely deal with it.

Nutella is also having some breastfeeding issues having to do with Curly’s latch and a very fast letdown. Even after trying several tips we’ve read, including expression before feeding and several ways to improve his latch, things are still very difficult and painful. We are seeking the help of a lactation consultant who will hopefully make a visit tomorrow.

Sorry things aren’t all hearts and flowers over here. We are still trying to get the hang of things and this is our reality right now. Looking forward to some time soon when everything smooths out and these days are simply a memory.

One of the few ways he’ll sleep

Wet baby butt