Daily Archives: May 7, 2009

Hello Darkness, my old friend


  • The unceasing generosity of family and friends who keep bringing us food and offering to do other things for us. You all rock.
  • Active, alert periods of sheer baby cuteness
  • Going outside for some sunshine for the first time in a while yesterday
  • Trying out the Ultimate Baby Wrap with success
  • Having enough milk to feed the baby (and then some) and having the right kind of diaper output
  • The support of our internet community of friends, complete with expertise on baby matters
  • Our dog continuing to be well-behaved despite having a little jealousy towards this new, screaming thing
  • Good television shows from 11pm through 3am
  • Laptop computers and extension cords
  • Zippered onesies (edited: SLEEPERS, the kind with feet.)


  • No shower in a few days, ugh.
  • No time or available hands to really stay connected on the internet (something like 200+ unread Google Reader posts, sorry)
  • Pee gysers when changing diapers, especially when the outfit and changing pad get soaked through
  • Swollen, tingly feet that make it hard to walk. Still.
  • Finally getting to see The Business of Being Born and crying because we were unable to have the birth we wanted
  • A lactation consultant with the flu who isn’t available to help when you most need her
  • Front and back lawns that have turned into jungles
  • Unwanted advice, overstepped boundaries and stress not stemming from the baby
  • Not being able to sleep together much because of tag-teaming at night
  • The baby not being able to sleep on his back due to gas
  • Bad tv at 4 in the morning
  • Snap onesies (edited: SLEEPERS, the kind with feet.)


  • Nipple injury
  • Stitches and hemorrhoids
  • Unconsolable sobbing at various wee hours of the morning (sometimes baby, sometimes moms)