Well that’s just swell

To our dismay, it looks like Cupcake is too darn comfortable and not in any hurry to leave. And so we continue to wait. We’ve tried at least 5 or 6 labor-inducing “tricks” to no avail. One of those things is walking. Since this weekend was so beautiful, we took a long walk and then had a picnic lakeside at the park. When we arrived home, Nutella’s ankles and feet were swollen like balloons, and her fingers were also joining in the fun. Concerned, we went to our grocery store which has one of those do-it-yourself-blood-pressure machines. Nutella’s blood pressure (top number only) was elevated about 20 points above what it normally is. Small panic ensued.

We decided to put her on bedrest the rest of the weekend. There was much foot-elevation and laying on her left side. At the suggestion of a friend who dealt with the same situation, and after some research, she began drinking nettle tea to reduce the swelling. After a few cups of the rotton grass tasting tea and several hours of bedrest and massaging the swollenness, the swelling began to go down. We took her blood pressure again the next day and it was 10 points lower. Since it had been borderline the first time we took it, we decided not to contact the midwife since it was now returning to normal. Yesterday and today there is hardly any swelling at all, even after taking another walk last night.

We have a midwife appointment today. We were so hoping we wouldn’t make it to this one. Cupcake, darling, tomorrow is your due date. Don’t you want to meet your mommies?

15 responses to “Well that’s just swell

  1. Come on out, Cupcake!

    So glad you were able to get the swelling down – I can imaging that Nutella was pretty uncomfortable!

  2. I’m getting some swelling and my midwife said lots of lemons (in your water, homemade lemonade, etc), lots of watermelon, and warm baths for 30 minutes. You probably know all of this already but I’m just passing it on in case it helps. Good luck with everything! We’re thinking about you.

  3. Due date tomorrow already!!! Incredible! I am so happy for all three of you!

  4. Holy cow, I can’t believe tomorrow is already the due date. Oh how times flies! Good luck with your appointment–cupcake will be here before you know it!

  5. okseriouslyreally

    C’mon Cupcake! I will be checking in a million times a day to hear the great announcement, whenever he decides it’s time!

  6. Yikes on the swelling/blood pressure scare. I’m glad you were able to get it back down. Here’s hoping cupcake makes an arrival in the next few days.

  7. Sorry cupcake is so comfortable in there and Nutella is so UNcomfortable out here. I hope he comes soon!

  8. Come on cupcake! We are waiting for you and your mommies want to meet you asap!

  9. Oooh, congrats on the upcoming due date!

    So glad the swelling and blood pressure was managable at home without more major interventions! Hopefully labor will likewise give in to one of the labor-inducing tricks eventually, and soon!

    This is making me really happy that DW scheduled her PhD thesis defense 3 weeks before her due date, and not any closer than that! (She’s totally an amazing dissertation-and-baby-producing multitasking machine already… I am seriously in awe of how she is absolutely flying through everything with this amazing serenity and efficiency.)

  10. eek! sorry … it’s probably because I guessed cupcake’s due date as 4/28 … hang in there!

  11. wishinghopingpraying

    Cupcake, please come out. Your mommies and all of the internets are waiting to meet and love you.

  12. come out come out little cupcake! i guessed tomorrow cause it is my sweetie’s birthday… so make me proud! and give your mama a break for her feet and bladder and every other bit of her 😉

  13. cupcake, come out!! Your mommies and all of their friends in blogland want to meet you!!!

  14. come out cupcake!! glad to hear nutella is feeling a little better 🙂

  15. The swelling got bad at the end….socks made my poor fat feet sore. I remember a moment when I looked at my feet propped on the ottoman and started half crying/ half laughing. I said, ” My ankles are gone. I have longer legs with little pointy toes on the end.”
    I hear you on the waiting. Average gestation for first babies in caucasian women is 41 weeks. Keep breathing! Cupcake will be here soon (even though it feels like an eternity).

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