Watched pot

6 days until the due date.  No real changes.  Still having lots of baby movement, lots of braxton-hicks contractions, and a few of them are crampy or painful.  Still sleeping like crap.  I wake up every 1.5-2 hours to pee or change position.  Nothing is comfortable.  I’m waddling for real and my walk is very slow.  Feet, ankles and lower legs are swollen, but not enough to be of concern.  Weekly midwife appointment was uneventful.  Urine, weight, BP, fetal heartbeat all normal. 

We had our favorite midwife again and she told us that she’d had a dream that I had gone into labor over the past weekend.  And then she got a call to come into the birth center on Sunday to attend a birth for another woman that shares my first name!  We told her that we hope her premonition was just off by a week and that we could be the ones in labor this Sunday.  We also discussed what happens if I make it to 41 weeks.  If I still haven’t gone into labor on my own by my appointment on 4/28 (which is 40 weeks 6 days), then they will schedule me for a bio-physical profile with their back up OB for the next day.  This will include a non-stress test to count contractions and fetal movement and also an ultrasound to confirm amniotic fluid levels.  If everything looks good then I get another week to wait for labor to begin on its own.

She also talked to us about their methodology for induction, if needed.  Their first intervention of choice is Pr*pidil, a prostoglandin gel to ripen the cervix.  However, the use of the gel is contraindicated in women with a history of asthma.  I had very severe asthma as a child, but it’s now exercise or allergy-induced only.  I haven’t had to use a rescue inhaler in several years.  She didn’t give a final verdict on whether or not I’d qualify to receive it, but I’m hoping it never becomes an issue.  Their 2nd intervention would be Pit*cin.  It is my understanding that the need for either intervention would require giving birth in the hospital.

I am feeling very worn down and impatient.  I’m sure the dreary, rainy weather we’ve had for the past few days hasn’t helped.  But, the sun is out and it’s warm today and this weekend looks to be beautiful as well.  Come on Cupcake, don’t you want to come out and see how lovely everything is?

13 responses to “Watched pot

  1. wishinghopingpraying

    Cupcake, we are all waiting to meet and love you. Come out soon 🙂

  2. yikes, even talking about going to 41 or 42 weeks is scary! i SO hope little cupcake gets a move on and you dont have to consider induction options!

  3. Wow—I hope this weekend is it! How exciting for you both to finally be close to meeting cupcake.

  4. Hang in there for this last bit. I’m sure you both already know this (and feel free to disregard as random internet assvice), but there are options before a hospital induction. We had great luck with acupuncture to start labor at a little over 41 weeks (though surely you will not get that far!). Seriously. Contractions started *in* the office.

    Stay as rested, relaxed and as non-miserable as possible. Movies are lovely. So are meals out. Enjoy your last bit of time as a two-some.

  5. Oh, I hope Cupcake will make an appearance this weekend!!!

  6. Hard to believe the day has come that we are wishing for him to come out rather than stay in! I can imagine how anxious you both must be. Just a little longer my dears.

  7. Wow, you’re so close to the finish line! I hope you have your cupcake in your arms this week.

  8. I can’t believe you are 6 days away!! Very exciting!! Keep the updates coming. I am hoping for you that it all comes soon. Those last few days are awful!

  9. cupcake, we’re all waiting for you!! come out come out!!!

  10. you guys must be going crazy!! if i have to be induced it will involve being at the hospital instead of the birth center 😦

  11. The waiting can be so hard. I’m sure that Cupcake will decide to come soon, without help.
    Just keep taking care of yourself and try to enjoy these last few days as a family of two. Those last two weeks were the hardest of my pregnancy, but some of the best with my sweetie.

    (I was induced with misoprostil, a pill they put in your cervix.)

  12. I hope that this little cupcake decides to come soon. I am happy that there are some other tricks up the sleeves of your midwife besides pitocin induction. I just really hope that your little guy decides to make his apperance in the next couple of days.

  13. I’m sure I’m always saying wow I can’t believe it’s so soon – but this time I REALLY can’t believe it! lol Hope the last little wait isn’t too hard – enjoy it!

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