Mandatory department meeting

Those are never words that someone wants to hear in this economy.  But that’s what the meeting invite said this morning.  Scheduled during lunch, to boot!  I made sure to heat my lunch early and bring it to my desk so I wouldn’t be hungry.  And then, my phone rang.  It was my coworker saying “I hear you’re eating lunch at your desk.  You should stop, because you should come to the meeting hungry.”  And THAT’S when I started to get suspicious.  Sure enough, I make my way up to the conference room at 12 and my coworkers have set up lunch and a baby shower!

I admit, I was totally surprised until that phone call.  I had been expecting them to take me out to lunch at the most.  But I was delighted and touched by their generosity and sneakiness.  Cupcake has quite a new stash of cute little clothes, many of them along the frog theme.  A coworker out in UT sent in a hand crocheted blanket,  and my boss (also in UT) sent 2 adorable little outfits.  We played a silly word scramble game and I had to wear a shiny silver sash that read “Mommy to be”.

So now I’m sitting here at my desk, basking in the afterglow of  indian food and a small cup of coke and feeling very appreciated and cared for.

16 responses to “Mandatory department meeting

  1. Awe, what wonderful co-workers you have! Hooray!

  2. so sweet! i’m glad that the mandatory meeting had such a happy ending…

  3. Oh that is so sweet! I love surprises!!

    PS- Thanks for your comment. I would love to email you directly… can you contact me? . Thanks!

  4. Seriously, are they trying to send you into early labor with a mandatory meeting request! 🙂 I would have been nervous too but that was so very sweet of them. I am glad you got to celebrate with them.

  5. That’s wonderful!

    PS – the Indian food sounds like a fab bonus 🙂

  6. wishinghopingpraying

    What a lovely surprise! Everyone is waiting to meet your little cupcake 🙂

  7. aw, that’s SOO nice!! what wonderful coworkers you have!

    and yay for a small cup of coke. i’ve had several dreams about the stuff, how crazy is that!?

  8. that is such a wonderful surprise!!! the end is drawing very near….

  9. reproducinggenius

    That is a fantastic surprise! What lovely coworkers!

  10. haha and you did a good pysch out on us too – I started reading it going oh no… but yay happy ending lol. Sounds like great co-workers!

  11. so nice!!!!! I like people.

  12. What a good ending for a mandatory meeting! Also what a good choice with the indian food. I love that they kept it a surprise.

  13. OMG! That is AWESOME!!!! When we first started to read your post our hearts sank…


    How’s everyone feeling over there?? You’re getting SO CLOSE!

  14. that’s so great! you’ll have to take a pic of all of the loot:)

  15. Your response to Cali’s latest post was so interesting, I had to come see your blog. HURRAY for your Dad and WIC! A personal thanks from me on behalf of my family to someone who fought for that program. I come from a very impoverished section of Central PA, and without these programs, so many would be left floundering. And I’m speaking for people who have family and do their best to help each other out! Imagine the ones who don’t!

    Anyway.. thanks and glad you got a baby shower. Love the title of your blog. Too cute.

  16. Oh, how sweet! I love that you had to come to the “mandatory” meeting hungry!

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