Quality Assurance Testing

Over the past few weeks, we’ve received several baby items from people, both hand-me-downs and gifts. We’re very thankful for these things and have had some fun “testing” some of them out…

Keep in mind, our chihuahua is just under 8 lbs…same size as a newborn.

First item is a bib, given as a gift from my sister

Next was a Graco carseat and two bases from Nutella’s co-worker

as well as a swinging bassinet

Then came a sleepsuit and Moby wrap from Nutella’s mom’s co-worker

The bonnet was made for Nutella when she was a baby by a great Aunt

Finally, hand-knit booties from Nutella’s grandmother’s friend

The dog thanked us for not making her try on the pile of onesies and other clothes. She has yet to tell us how she likes the crib….

[ No animals were harmed in the making of this post ]

17 responses to “Quality Assurance Testing

  1. can’t even be mad at you! i tried out our babyhawk carrier with scooter. i figured if it was comfortable to wear him at 20lbs, it would be fine for the baby, right??

  2. Next in Line

    You made my day!

  3. wishinghopingpraying

    Adorable! That made me LOL, much needed today.

  4. hahaha! that was great. the babies look so cute trying everything. Thanks!

  5. HA, HA, HA! I’m especially fond of the bonnet and booties photographs. Your pup is a good sport. My dog tries to eat any clothing articles placed on her body. Lucky for us readers, yours doesn’t share the same contempt for human articles. Those pictures made my day!

  6. OMG that is hilarious!

  7. very cute–hope you enjoyed the snow day!!!

  8. i think I just peed my pants that is too funny. too bad darwin is too big for that kind of fun. Very funny and fun too

  9. hah that’s so funny – love the one with the booties especially! She looks like she’s got the model attitude going on with her facial expressions in a couple of them too lol

  10. Ahh bless her! The one with the bonnet makes me think of little red riding hood!

  11. oh that’s great!

  12. Ha haaa! Looks like my house! We have to force the dog but the cat helps herself.

  13. oh your pup is such a good sport – I am excited for the review of the crib!!

  14. Your little dog looks as he/she was digging the whole thing until the booties came into play.

  15. I love your dog! What a cutie!!

  16. those pics are too cute! i get the same kind of looks when i try to torture my dog with reindeer antlers at christmas… 😉

  17. Next in Line

    I just had to come back to this and laugh all over again. The bonnet is killing me. What a lucky little pup to be getting a baby brother.

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