Daily Archives: February 27, 2009

Organic tattoos

Yes, those are stretch marks you see along the front of the belly in week 32. They appeared VERY low down several weeks ago in stunning, angry, dark purple-red diagonal lines and are slowly creeping up the curve of my belly. Despite our twice daily oil or lotion applications, they itch like a mo fo.

Cupcake still moves around a lot but his movements are very different from a few weeks ago. He is clearly running out of room to move in there. I can distinctly feel a tiny foot lodge itself under my ribcage (painful, as you may imagine) and once or twice we have felt the curve of his butt pressing outwards.

At this point, time is moving both quickly and slowly. I am literally counting the weeks until he is out and I can begin getting my body back. Yet the amount of stuff that is happening between now and then is daunting. We are busy nearly every weeknight with classes and appointments and we have 2 showers coming up soon. Then, ready or not, he’ll be here. And we are so very excited!