Daily Archives: February 18, 2009

Sweet pee

We had our first midwife appointment this morning. Unfortunately, since one of the two midwives was attending a birth in the hospital, things were backed up. We spent the first half hour filling out paperwork on and off. Then we waited for another 20 minutes. Then Nutella went to weigh herself and pee on a urinalysis stick. When she came back to the waiting area, she told me there was no protein in her pee but her glucose level was as high as it could go. We both thought this was strange since she passed the 28-week glucose test with flying colors (118 with a cutoff of 130) Then a student midwife (registered nurse in midwifery training) took us to a room and did a 20 minute interview about health history, etc. Then we waited some more until the midwife was finally able to see us.

This next portion of the appointment was thankfully quick. The midwife looked over all the historical notes and asked a few questions. Then she listened to the baby’s heartbeat (150bpm) and measured fundal height, declaring it “just perfect” which I take to mean 31cm at 31 weeks. She was a bit perturbed at the glucose in Nutella’s urine, asking what she had for breakfast. The answer to that is frosted mini-wheats and lactaid milk. The midwife thought that might have been enough for that much sugar to “spill.” And then we were pretty much done. Next appt at 33 weeks.

Before leaving, Nutella went to the bathroom and peed on another stick. This time, no glucose appeared in her urine. We told the midwife who said her body is handling sugar just the way it should then…quickly!

Finally, it surprises me when healthcare professionals are still shocked when they see lesbians. There’s always that intial second or two of the deer-in-headlights look, although they don’t seem to have any problems with it. In this day and age (and specifically in the area in which we live), I expect it to be a complete non-issue, don’t bat an eyelash sort of thing. Guess we’re just not there yet.

Third Bradley class tonight. Many thanks to the instructor for sending out articles on what it means to be a father.