Happy Heart Day

We are big mushballs here at chez Strawberry & Nutella.  Sure, we do nice things for each other often, but we love having an extra-special day, too. We’ve been enjoying a lovely morning, starting off with breakfast in bed. I was simply giddy yesterday knowing about the fresh raspberries, blood orange, scrambled eggs and bagel with strawberry cream cheese I had in store for Nutella. We have some errands to run this afternoon, but have reservations for a fancy dinner in the city tonight.

Last Valentine’s Day without a physical baby present. Whoa. And Cupcake also seemed to enjoy that breakfast *in-utero jazz hands*

Enjoy your V-Day, lovebirds.

4 responses to “Happy Heart Day

  1. You two are simply adorable. Have a wonderful day!

  2. You two make perfect mushballs! Enjoy your last Valentine’s day as a twosome.

  3. What a great picture! I hope dinner was fab!

  4. wow. what a beautiful photo! that actually makes my heart mushy! happy belated v’s day to you both!! xo

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