One of these things is not like the other

Last night was our second Bradley class.  The topic: all breastfeeding, all the time.  No joke, we spoke about the benefits and details of breastfeeding for nearly 2 hours.  I can’t say that much of it was news to us, but then again, we seem to be more self-educated than the average parents-to be.  As expected, the information given was VERY pro-breastfeeding, nearly to the point of equating formula feeding with poison.  Since we have already committed to exclusively breastfeeding for a minimum of 3 months with 6 months as our ultimate goal, there wasn’t much to make us bristle in the subject matter.  But I can certainly see how parents in different circumstances would feel a bit threatened and judged by the material.

But what would a birth class post be without an amusing anecdote?  The class format last night was done by going around the room, answering the list of questions on a handout.  We are sitting in a vague semi-circle like this: Straight Mom 1, Straight Dad 1, Straight Mom 2, Straight Dad 2, Lesbo Mom 1 (Strawberry, not pregnant), Lesbo Mom 2 (me, big and pregnant), Visiting Chiropractor sitting in for insight to the Bradley method.  So the instructor starts going around the circle asking the questions.  She asks SM 1, then SM 2, and then LM 1 (Strawberry), then Chiro.  Totally skips the straight dads and me.  For the next go round, Strawberry hands me the workbook to hold and sure enough, the instructor does SM 1, SM 2, LM 2 (me), and Chiro.  Still leaving the straight dads out of the questions-go-round.  It was pretty odd.  I mean, either the non-pregnant partners should have been skipped completely or they should have been included.  Those dads need to know the breastfeeding stuff just as much as Strawberry does.  Sure, she can probably understand some of the info from a more personal perspective than they can, but she’s not going to be breastfeeding either.  Once our babies are here, her role and theirs will be identical.  In the end, no harm was done, and we aren’t sure if we should be more amused or offended by how things played out. Really, I think we inadvertently confused the instructor.

In other news, in the last week, stretch marks have begun in earnest.  They are all on the underside of my belly going diagonally down below my pantyline.  I can’t actually see them unless I use a hand mirror.  And they itch like crazy, despite our generous application of moisturizers and/or oils 2 times a day.  I can’t say that I am surprised by their appearance.  We did take a picture of them for posterity, but I can’t share it here because they are so low it’s not really decent.

10 responses to “One of these things is not like the other

  1. We’ve found a surprising lack of new information in our Bradley class as well, what’s up with that?

    Isn’t it funny how easily confused the straight folk are by us?

  2. Perhaps your birth instructor is more progressive then you thought? Perhaps she was angling in a gentle way to see if Strawberry was planning to attempt breastfeeding? It does happen in two mom families.

    Some of the formula in the United States is tainted with some nasty chemicals. Don’t feel judged. Breast is best, and it’s also important that a baby survive, and that the family stay sane, and that mamas are physically and emotionally healthy. All part of the feeding equation.

    Birthing classes are often not much new. But they are a great way to meet other new parents. Enjoy.

    Non-judging mama to a 2 year old nursling.

  3. MM- The instructor definitely didn’t think that I would attempt to breastfeed (it was pretty obvious from other things she said). Not that I wanted her to think that anyway, because I certainly don’t want to do so. I’m just fine handing baby to Ima and after 6 weeks, giving him bottles of breastmilk.

  4. Eek – sounds like our breastfeeding evangelist made her way over to run your class too!

  5. wishinghopingpraying

    Oy vey. We confuse them for sure! Someone asked S and I during foster parent training if we lived in the same house? Um, WTF? Sorry about the stretch marks, itchy itchy!

  6. Well that sounds strange and uncomfortable but its part of the experience and I know you will look back and find it amusing.

    Sorry about those stretch marks 😦
    Maybe its better you can’t see them?

  7. Ugh. ‘Breastfeeding evangelists’ (good term, vee!) make me crazy. Yes, mother’s milk is best. But it’s not the only — and I’ve spoken to many mothers who said it was impossible to get a good latch with their first child but had no problem with Children 2 and 3 (or however many they had). I’m hoping this is the case with us, and not that I’m unable to breastfeed. But Ashton turned out perfectly healthy, and actually had horrible colic until we switched.

    OK, must go. Ashton is helping me type.

  8. lol..yes.. Breastfeeding teachers and way too pro breastfeeding. They are correct, mothers milk is the best, but also the formula is not poison!…

  9. I was raised on poison. I grew up in the era that believed it was best. It is so funny how things change.

    I can’t believe how close you two, or should I say three, are to birth. Wow.

  10. NIL- We were, too! Formula-fed and healthy. We do realize that breastfeeding is better for a variety of reasons, and that’s why we’re doing it, but in general, people really need to stop being such “pushers.”

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