Tourists in Babyland

Today we went out to a “baby megastore” listed as one of the top 20 in the Baby Bargains book. This is the second store we’ve gone to at the advice of Baby Bargains, since the first store was good- better than BRU. Baby Bargains is somewhat of a bible to us now. We cannot, in good faith, add anything to our registry or even so much as think of purchasing a baby-related item without consulting THE BOOK.


So we went to the store, and everyone else is also carrying THE BOOK under their arms. It makes us all seem like tourists in babyland, albeit well-prepared tourists with a good street map who can kind of speak the language.

We found a dresser we liked, which was 20% off, and ordered it. It is Munire, from the Urban collection, pictured below:

Munire Collection

There is no picture that exists on the entire interweb of the 6-drawer dresser we bought. So you’ll just have to imagine it until we’re able to post nursery pictures soon. The store’s delivery estimate was 10-14 weeks. If it takes 14 weeks, we’ll hopefully already be changing the baby on the floor. Luckily, many people have said to expect it much earlier than that.

I leave you with a 28-week belly shot:

28 week Cupcake

15 responses to “Tourists in Babyland

  1. I love that book as well! You look great

  2. what was the name of the mega store? Thanks for sharing

  3. I’m fairly new to your blog. Congrats on the pregnancy. My partner is 9 weeks. I was looking at your beta numbers.. they were really high at 11 dpo. Ours were 37 @ 11 dpo. While they did rise, I have often heard that initial high betas are signs of lasting pregnancy. Did they think you might have twins with those numbers?


  4. reproducinggenius

    I’ve got to get that book! What a beautiful dresser!

    And what a lovely belly!

  5. That furniture looks great – can’t wait to see the piece you actually brought though!

  6. fabulous belly! i bet it will all arrive in time for the little cupcake’s debut.

  7. I have the same pants you’re wearing in your belly shot picture. They’re my favorite pants right now!

  8. Thanks eveyone!

    K, we responded via email.

    Mandy, funny story about those pants. I am borrowing them from a co-worker and I’m the 4th pregnant lady to wear them. All 4 of us are very differnt body types/ heights and yet the pants fit us all perfectly and end up being our favs. I call it the Sisterhood of the Travelling Maternity Pants!

  9. I’m putting that book on my Paperbackswap list today! And I love your choice of dresser. Did you get it in a dark brown or black?

    You’re looking GREAT!

  10. Cute dresser and cute belly!

  11. A- We got the dresser in the espresso finish to match the crib. It’s actually their darkest finish- their catalog doesn’t have black.

  12. Beautiful belly and beautiful furniture.

  13. okseriouslyreally

    Great belly pic! And I will definitely have to get that book when we are finally pg. Nice furniture too – that nursery is going to rock!


  14. We LOVED the baby bargains book and never purchased anything without consulting it! We have not been disappointed and everything survived for baby #2!

  15. Great dresser. Adorable belly.

    I will have to get one of those books when we get preggo. Thanks for the advice.

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