Daily Archives: January 23, 2009

Taggies are the new black

While Cupcake just had his first noticeable case of in-utero hiccups, I decided to do a little online shopping. Up until this point, we had not purchased any clothing. Nada. Just waiting to see what we get at the shower(s). But another blog entry I saw today reminded me of how much I love a particular brand of baby things and after going to the website, baby clothing purchasing hell broke loose.

The brand is called Taggies, and we first found out about it a month ago. We were chatting with friends whose son will be almost exactly a year older than ours. He was playing with a toy, but really, he just wanted to chew on the tag. His moms explained that he always finds the tag and we were amused. The next day, we went into an eclectic toy store and found a soft plush baby toy covered in satin tags. We immediately bought it for them and later found out that the company has all sorts of other things, including clothing.

So I have just purchased 4 outfits (all on sale) and a toy covered in tags. No idea if our son will be as obsessed with them, but they’re all really darn cute.

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