2nd trimester report card

Since this is the last week of my 2nd trimester, I think we can do this now.  As with normal U.S. grading standards, an A score is the best and an F score is the worst. For reference/comparison, the 1st trimester report card is here.

Exhaustion: C
Nausea/Vomiting: C
Heartburn: C
Backache: B
Constipation: C
Weight Gain: C (21 lbs total so far)
Food Aversions: A
Food Cravings: A (only cinnamon buns, and only once)
Swollen feet/ankles: B (Miami was tough but most of the time she did ok)
Stretch marks: A (only one small purple dot so far)
Emotions: A (unless she’s hungry, then she gets cranky)

Notes:  Nutella continued to do well with the emotional aspects of the 2nd trimester.  She was occasionally tired but managed to complete most of her daily activities in a normal manner.  Additionally, she gets credit for doing more arduous tasks, such as meeting with a lawyer, crib construction and registry creation. There were also noticable improvements in her meal preparation and other household chores.  Physically, Nutella continued to struggle with heartburn and nausea, but with proper medical treatment, these are under control.  Finally, she dealt well with getting repeatedly kicked and poked in the ribs and abdomen from the inside.

As the supporting partner, Strawberry exceeded expectations this trimester. She continued to assist with household chores and extracurricular activities, such as lifting heavy objects, painting the nursery and baby product research.  Her ongoing belly worship and conversing with the Cupcake was supplemented by massages of the feet and back as needed, and it is noted that her application of special oils to the belly reduced the occurence of stretch marks.

We look forward to more progress in the final trimester, with emphasis on birth planning and infant readiness!

7 responses to “2nd trimester report card

  1. Yay! That’s a great report card all around! Sounds like the three of you are going to be just fine. Here’s to a perfect third tri.

  2. It sounds that overall, things are going great. You should talk more about your “special oils”, so that others can benefit from lack o’stretch marks!

  3. Jen- The oils come from a bar we purchased from LUSH…specifically Therapy…although Soft Coeur is fantastic, too. And really, they’re all fabulous for anytime use 🙂

  4. I think you guys deserve a treat for that good report card. I am jealous about the stretch marks… I am have developed some extra (2 or 3) but I had some to begin with so I new I was one of those “genetically disposed” to them…

  5. L babypants- Thanks, I’ll take a treat! And I didn’t mean to imply that I was stretch mark free. Puberty hit me fast and early and I have many old faded stretch marks on my hips and other places. It’s just that SO FAR in pregnancy I seem to have been spared. I’ve got a ways to go though!

  6. reproducinggenius

    You sound like you’re doing quite well indeed! I agree that someone needs to take you out for icecream or something in celebration. Here’s hoping you get a 4.0 for your third trimester.

  7. Nice work!! I can’t believe that you are almost in your third trimester!!! That is so great!
    About the stretch marks….I did not have one (except a small one on my right boob. I thought thanks to my love using special lotions.) until mid way through the third trimester (around 30 weeks) and then it got bad. They say it has way more to do with genetics. 😦

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