Nuances of nutella

The crib is now put together and overall we are happy with it. It took us about 2 hours to do, but a half hour of that was taken up by thinking that one of the holes in one of the legs was too small but then realizing the new screw wasn’t going in all the way because one of the screws that came installed wasn’t put in straight and was sticking out into the hole we were screwing into. That sounds dirty. Anyway, we had to do some re-arranging and drill a new hole, but in the end it is all done and looks lovely. It seems sturdy to us, too, and we got the drop-side working, although it rattles a little bit so when we have a creative/impatient toddler on our hands, we may have to buy a lock for it.

Now, just for fun, I’ve decided to steal First Time Second Time’s idea to list the search engine terms that brought people to their blog, and give advice where applicable. Here are the terms that landed people at 1 in Vermillion:

if I had chicken pox then am I cmv +
Nope. And we know this because Nutella has had chicken pox, and we found out that she is cmv negative. If you are cmv negative, you’ll want to consider using only cmv negative donors to reduce risks to the baby, but this isn’t always required.

FF no crosshairs still pregnant?
If Fertility Friend decides to get smart and remove your crosshairs, but you’ve already gotten a positive pregnancy test, I would say yes, you are still pregnant and ain’t nothin FF can do to change it. We used FF as a tool, but did not find it 100% reliable by any means. On the cycle we got our BFP, it didn’t know when Nutella had ovulated.

huge temp dip at 9DPO
A good sign for sure, but not certain. Lots of things can affect BBT. However, looking at nutella’s FF chart for the BFP, she had a huge temp drop at around 8 DPO.

7w 5d pregnant no symptoms
Lucky you!

telling people at work at 6 weeks
Definitely your choice, but I would wait. That’s pretty darn early I would think.

red hair baby donor
That’s what we went with, although it was more like a redheaded sperm donor. We didn’t actually get the baby donated. You might want to search sperm bank websites for this, and if you DO want the baby, place an ad in the newspaper.

can nutella affect your pregnancy
Doubtful, and it tastes great! All things in moderation…

how to make a cupcake onesie
Well, this website may help you with that – Or you could just buy some plain white onesies and use fabric paint to decorate them with cupcakes. We might do that.

vermilion touch up paint
Good for you for using such a vibrant color! Try your local Home Depot or Lowes for paint chips.

strawberry nutella crepes
An excellent choice- an hour after the IUI that worked, this is what Nutella & I had for breakfast. And whether it helped or not, they were pretty darn tasty!

nutella body parts
Um…well, it IS spreadable….not quite sure what this person was searching for…

blood in nutella
I would DEFINITELY get a refund for that jar.

4 responses to “Nuances of nutella

  1. wishinghopingpraying

    That was hilarious 🙂

  2. lol that was great – it’s crazy what brings people in!

  3. reproducinggenius

    Oh my god. That was hilarioius. I’m going to have to steal that too.

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