Special delivery!

The set-up: Strawberry and Nutella bought a crib online on Sunday.  Estimated delivery date was next Thursday 1/22.  However, on Wednesday evening of this week Nutella got an email with a tracking number.  Despite refreshing all day Thursday, the shipping company website didn’t even indicate that it had been picked up from the warehouse.

The scene: Chez Strawberry and Nutella, 8:30am this morning, coldest windiest day of the year. Strawberry is all bundled up and ready to walk out the door for work.

Strawberry: “Before I head out, why don’t you check the tracking site one more time?”

Nutella: “Ok.  Oh no!  It says it’s on the truck for delivery.  You’ll have to stay home so that you are here when they deliver.”

Strawberry: “But…. I… Grrr.  Can’t we just leave a note with a signature telling them they can leave it?  Or is there a number we can call to find out when they expect it to be delivered?”

(cut to: front porch. enter Freezing Cold Delivery Person)

Freezing Cold Delivery Person: “KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK”

(Freezing Cold Delivery Person deposits HUGE box on front step and then dashes back to warm truck and drives away.)

Hazel, the chihuahua: “BARK, BARK, INTRUDER, SOMEONE AT THE DOOR!!”

Strawberry and Nutella: “Haha, well, talk about perfect timing.” “Yeah, let’s get this thing inside.”

……end scene….

And so folks, there is a giant box in our living room awaiting opening and assembly.  When it’s all put together, it ought to look like this:

I guess we have our work cut out for us this weekend!

14 responses to “Special delivery!

  1. That is a fabulous bed! Great screenplay, btw…I completely felt like I was in the living room with you!

  2. That’s a gorgeous crib! Where did you get it?

    ainsley (addingbaby.wordpress.com)

  3. Thanks Ainsley! We got the crib from cribs.com. They always have free shipping and after an online search we found a coupon code that saved us an additional 15%. It’s the Graco Lauren in Espresso. Our first choice would have been a black crib, but this one was very highly rated and about half as expensive as the black ones that we liked.

    Note to everyone, ALWAYS search for online coupon codes before you buy stuff online. I have saved hundreds of dollars over the years.

  4. Thanks for the info (you know I have to plan WAY ahead on these things!) 🙂

    Can’t wait to see nursery pics.


  5. LOL – that was an awesome reenactment of your morning. I felt like I was there! (brrrr!). Good luck with the assembling this weekend!

  6. wishinghopingpraying

    OMG! We are probably getting the same crib, in white, for our foster home visit and hopefully, foster baby. So pretty. Let me know what you think when it is all set up. Enjoy.

  7. Perfect timing alright! And beautiful crib!!

  8. okseriouslyreally

    Nice crib, nice timing, nice reenactment. I am sure Cupcake will be able to feel the moment when he reads this years from now =)


  9. That is a beautiful crib!! Is it one of those cribs that convert into a bed and such?? Looks so nice! 🙂

  10. wishinghoping- We’ll definitely let you know!

    Heather- Yes, it’s a convertible (crib, toddler bed, full size bed) with a drop side.

  11. Looks great! Thanks for the words of encouragement on our blog.

  12. Great crib! We almost got one like that only in oak or honey (can’t remember anymore) but opted for the one we could be in town.

    Good luck finishing up the nursery!

  13. We have the same crib! We bought it at target and love it! xo

  14. I love that crib, good choice!

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