Daily Archives: January 16, 2009

Special delivery!

The set-up: Strawberry and Nutella bought a crib online on Sunday.  Estimated delivery date was next Thursday 1/22.  However, on Wednesday evening of this week Nutella got an email with a tracking number.  Despite refreshing all day Thursday, the shipping company website didn’t even indicate that it had been picked up from the warehouse.

The scene: Chez Strawberry and Nutella, 8:30am this morning, coldest windiest day of the year. Strawberry is all bundled up and ready to walk out the door for work.

Strawberry: “Before I head out, why don’t you check the tracking site one more time?”

Nutella: “Ok.  Oh no!  It says it’s on the truck for delivery.  You’ll have to stay home so that you are here when they deliver.”

Strawberry: “But…. I… Grrr.  Can’t we just leave a note with a signature telling them they can leave it?  Or is there a number we can call to find out when they expect it to be delivered?”

(cut to: front porch. enter Freezing Cold Delivery Person)

Freezing Cold Delivery Person: “KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK”

(Freezing Cold Delivery Person deposits HUGE box on front step and then dashes back to warm truck and drives away.)

Hazel, the chihuahua: “BARK, BARK, INTRUDER, SOMEONE AT THE DOOR!!”

Strawberry and Nutella: “Haha, well, talk about perfect timing.” “Yeah, let’s get this thing inside.”

……end scene….

And so folks, there is a giant box in our living room awaiting opening and assembly.  When it’s all put together, it ought to look like this:

I guess we have our work cut out for us this weekend!