Completely unrelated…

Just a quick note to apologize for any duplicate comments I may have left on your blogs…Wordpress is being a jackass and making my comments vanish into thin cyber-air only to possibly appear later on once or twice, or not at all. I’m working with them on this, but it’s highly annoying. Anyway, now back to your regularly-scheduled¬†program.

Quick update- Akismet is marking them as spam (no idea why suddenly) so now I’m in touch with them. Hopefully this will get resolved.

2 responses to “Completely unrelated…

  1. They got chucked into moderation (in fact, I think the second went to my spam folder) for some reason – it has these wobbles every now and again!

  2. reproducinggenius

    They were up for moderation on my blog too. Sometimes this happens when someone uses a new email address or make some other change to contact information.

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