Daily Archives: January 8, 2009

Recent developments

Forgive me for the bullet points, but these things aren’t relating themselves well to a paragraph format.

  • We have signed up to take a Bradley method childbirth education class series starting the first week of February.  We really hope that the “partner coached” philosophy will keep us both very involved in my labor and that we will gain some tools to help me achieve an unmedicated birth in the birth center.  In the end, a healthy baby is what matters, but going into things I’d at least like to feel prepared to handle the above-mentioned scenario.
  • Our first appointment with a lawyer is Monday afternoon.  We are fortunate to live in a state that recognizes 2nd parent adoption for same sex parents.  The lawyers we chose are very experienced with exactly our situation.  At the same time, we’ll be completing our long overdue wills, medical power of attorney, and advanced medical directive.  Things that really ought to have been done years ago when we first bought our house, but better now than never.
  • On a more sobering topic, I learned today that an entire department in my building was part of the company-wide layoffs that took place in the middle of December.  They will be leaving the company in a few weeks, unless they leave earlier due to finding new jobs.  One of the victims is the woman that leant me all of the cute summer maternity clothes that I wore in Miami.  She is currently on maternity leave and won’t be coming back.  I packed up the clothes with a note and they will be shipped to her.  Thinking of her and this situation is scary for me, as I don’t feel like my job is 100% safe.  If I were to be laid off anytime in the next 6 months, things would be very very bad for us.
  • And lastly, the evil highchair has left the premises.  Today I responded to a Freecycle posting looking for a highchair and this evening some other woman has taken on the joys of it.  I wish her luck!  We look forward to owning the one on our registry, which fits onto an existing dining room chair and adjusts for 5 stages of eating, infant thru little kid.