How squished can one’s organs get?

Lots of stuff to update on…

First, we had our 24th week OB appointment today. We met with a different doctor than our usual one in the practice, and he was very nice with a gentle demeanor. Blood pressure, urine and fundal height all checked out fine. Nutella gained a little more weight than she would have liked, but we chalk it up to the holidays and our vacation, when we ate out every day. Cupcake’s heartbeat was strong and steady on the doppler. Nutella was given a 10 oz little bottle of the ORANGE DRINK for the glucose test next month. Doesn’t seem so bad…maybe like jello before it hardens in the fridge.

We made an appointment for the 28th week, when they will take blood for the glucose test and also to see if Nutella has been sensitized against Rh positive blood, which is unlikely. We also made an appointment for the 30th week, when they do a standard ultrasound to make sure the amniotic fluid level is ok, check the baby’s growth, check the placenta, etc. If everything is ok, off we go to the midwife center and bye-bye we say to the OB.

In other news, we are pretty much done with our registry, which we did over this past weekend. We spent 1.5 hours in Ba.bies R Us, which I thought was kinda fun yet slightly overwhelming. We scanned a few items, and wrote down a bunch more to research from home before adding. You can tell from our registry we are “green” people, regarding favorite color and…

Diapers. We decided to go with gDiapers, mainly because we both didn’t want to go with purely disposable, and I didn’t want to go with purely cloth. With the gDiapers, we’ll most likely toss the liners into biodegradable bags, not being sure how our plumbing will handle them even though they’re flushable. We’ll see. It was an easy compromise and we’re both excited about these diapers. (Did I just say I was “excited” about a diaper?)

Finally, I wonder just how active Cupcake is going to be outside the womb, because it feels like he’s trying to kick his way out from the inside most days. Even the OB said he was very active when trying to listen to the heartbeat. Starting at 26 weeks, they say you can sometimes hear the baby’s heartbeat with your naked ear. I tried early and failed to hear it, but got kicked in the ear a couple times. Looks like I better start some physical training now.

7 responses to “How squished can one’s organs get?

  1. Congratulations on being close with your registry… I have a love/hate relationship with R us. So many choices and so much crap. I love, love gDiapers. We have been able to get some used off of a list serve in our area. So that is something you might want to look into. It seems that people use them and love them or hate them. I have also read of some people who have made or have purchased cloth inserts for them. We also did a “test run” of flushing the insert and it really falls apart in the toilet easily. I think it is really funny that cupcake is kicking you. I am excited for more movement from this little person inside of me. xo.

  2. A registry sounds like so much fun! A great perk of getting married and having a baby!! Also, what can be more perfect than an active, healthy baby. Congrats.

  3. go cupcake go… he will learn soon enough that kicking mommy is not allowed… for now, it is funny though 😉

  4. We are planning to use gdiapers too. Our plan is to use the biodegradable little doggy poop bags (that we already use for our dogs) to put the inserts in, so the bag and the diaper biodegrade together!

  5. I’m so impressed with all that you ladies have gotten done. All that is left is for little cupcakes arrival!

    BTW, I loved the vacation pictures. It sounds like you had a divine time!

  6. So much good stuff to report! Yay!

  7. We just decided to give gdiapers a try too….we ordered them on line and we got a big box of the liners today! 🙂 Our starter kit should arrive tomorrow or friday….I can’t wait. I was just talking with the baby about hoping that he likes them and that they work well for us.
    I’m so glad that everything is going well with the cupcake. 🙂

    I think we had to go to BRU about 3 times before we could register (exposure therapy to desensitize) and it tooks us many, many hours to get it all done.

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