Last post for 2008!

Back from Miami.  A lovely time was had by all.  The weather was astoundingly perfect.  80 degrees and sunny with a warm breeze during the day, dropping to a pleasing 74 at night.  Our internal season/time sensors were very confused by 74 degree temps and darkness at 6pm.  To us, if it’s that warm and dark out it must be fairly late in the evening and thus, time for bed. I could get used to it though, but bedtime at 9pm in South Beach is unheard of.

My blogroll had over 100 posts this morning, so out of deference to those of you who will be reading this from a similar vantage point, I’ll keep it short. 

  • Today I am 6 months pregnant.  Running out of time!!
  • Cupcake kicks and punches and rolls often.  Last night when we stopped at their house on the way home from the airport, Strawberry’s mother got to feel him and I think she was thrilled.  Cupcake says “Hi Bubbe!”
  • My feet hurt a lot after walking around all day in Miami, but I did as well as could be expected. 
  • Depending on what I wear, I can look not pregnant to the stranger’s eye.  Hence, I was taunted by restaurant hostesses announcing drink specials and questioned by waiters when I ordered decaf coffee.
  • We are looking forward to 2009 and all of the success and excitement that it will bring, both to us and to all of you out there in blogland.  Happy New Year!

PS. Oh yeah, bikini pictures.  Here you go!

South Beach 12/28/08

South Beach 12/28/08


Do you hear the ocean, Cupcake?

12 responses to “Last post for 2008!

  1. So glad you had a good time and were able to take cupcake to the beach. You couln’t look more amazing! If I had that belly I would flaunt it too. Happy new year to all three of you. xoxo

  2. awesome pregnant bikini pix!

  3. love the fabulous bikini pics… glad that cupcake got to *meet* her bubbe.

  4. Welcome back! great bikini pics! 🙂

  5. Okay…I have to ask. Where did you get your swimsuit? It looks fab and finding a “supportive” swimsuit is tough… happy new year!

  6. Glad you were able to get some beach time – seriously I implode if I don’t get to the beach often enough lol. And wow I can’t believe it’s 6 months already – how exciting!

  7. I love your bikini pics :). Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  8. wishinghopingpraying

    How did you get to be six months already? OMG! You look just beautiful, thanks for sharing your pics. Happy New Year!

  9. reproducinggenius

    Beautiful bikini pics! You look fantastic! It sounds like you had a lovely time. Happy New Year!

  10. Awww!! Sooo cute!! I love the pics!! Looks like ya had a fabulous time!!!

  11. do you guys have family in miami or was it pure vacation? i grew up in miami and we go down often. south beach is definitely my old stomping grounds, about 30 mins away from my folks house. i think i’ve left a comment here before but if not wanted to congratulate you guys on the pregnancy. we’re about to have our 2nd so gearing up for all the fun times ahead ; )

  12. I’m horribly behind on my blogs but wanted to say that those are cute beach shots! I loved Miami the one time we went..mmm, beach.

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