Daily Archives: December 24, 2008

Merry December 24th

First of all, happy holiday of your choice! 

We celebrate Hanukkah here at chez Strawberry and Nutella.  We hosted a little party for our parents on Monday night.  6 people is the max we can host for a seated meal in our row house, and that’s only if someone sits on a leather storage cube, as we only own 5 chairs.  Latkes and mini chocolate souffles were a success, gift exchanges were a success.  But Cupcake was being shy.  For the last few weeks he has been quite active at predictable times of the day, such as after dinner.  We were looking forward to having the grandparents-to-be feel and see the kicking.  But despite our best efforts (including me laying flat on my back and poking the belly gently) he refused to “perform”.  Of course, about an hour after they left he was back to his old tricks.  Oh well, all in good time. 

We have noted that his movements have changed since the weekend.  Before, we felt things on either the right or left about 3 inches in from my hip bones.  Now however, we are feeling him VERY low (too low for company, actually) and in the middle.  We suspect that he’s managed to shift himself into a head up, feet down position.  Which is fine for now, but we certainly hope he decides that head down and feet up is far better sometime in the next 15 weeks!

Tomorrow we are off to sunny Miami for a few days (our last vacation before the arrival of Cupcake).  If they aren’t too embarrassing, there might be preggo bikini pictures when we get back.  Oh, and ya’ll better have some BFP’s and some birth announcements at that time, ok?