22 weeks, time is flying

Things on my mind at 22 weeks:

    • We have the most amazing kid room ever.  It’s huge and beautiful and Cupcake is going to LOVE it.  Hurray for my wonderful wife and mother outlaw for doing such a great job.  I can’t stop staring at it!
    • Cupcake got his first taste of roasted artichoke (my favorite food) via me last night.  I made sure to close my eyes as I savored the heart while sending all of my happy food-induced brain chemicals his way.  Strawberry doesn’t like them and it would be nice to share my love of them someday.
    • Babies pee and poop.  They need diapers.  We have ideas about what we’d like to try for that.  But we ought to start preparing for it.
    • At some point Cupcake is going to have to get out of my body.  I REALLY need to start preparing for that.
    • Cribs and furniture are expensive.  Need to get busy shopping for them now.
    • The kicking is visible and feel-able on the outside.  Which is weird, and wonderful, and wacky.  And sometimes keeps me from sleeping.  We even balanced a comb on the belly and watched it bounce with the kicking.
    • One week from tomorrow we will be on vacation in Florida.  And we will be wearing bikinis. 


8 responses to “22 weeks, time is flying

  1. This entry definitely needs one more line at the very end: “May we not blind people with our pasty white skin.”

  2. wowza! soooo cool!

  3. Great post. I hope to hear more later on the diaper entry… sounds like you have some sort of plan! Enjoy your vacation.

  4. I don’t usually ask pregnant women if I can touch their bellies, but since you are my sister, I’ll probably ask you at New Year’s. Just thought I’d warn you! Glad to hear things are going well for you!

  5. Mother outlaw – hee hee!

    I’m so glad that time is flying for you – it’s crawling over here. That’s so cool about the kicking!

  6. friend of mandy

    If you are interested in cloth diapers, the website Jillian’s drawers has a $10 trial where you can try out different brands and send back what you don’t want.

  7. I hope you’ll share a little about your diaper plan when you get settled into it. There are quite a few options out there and I find it quite confusing!!

  8. so much to think of…so little time!

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