Daily Archives: December 17, 2008

22 weeks, time is flying

Things on my mind at 22 weeks:

    • We have the most amazing kid room ever.  It’s huge and beautiful and Cupcake is going to LOVE it.  Hurray for my wonderful wife and mother outlaw for doing such a great job.  I can’t stop staring at it!
    • Cupcake got his first taste of roasted artichoke (my favorite food) via me last night.  I made sure to close my eyes as I savored the heart while sending all of my happy food-induced brain chemicals his way.  Strawberry doesn’t like them and it would be nice to share my love of them someday.
    • Babies pee and poop.  They need diapers.  We have ideas about what we’d like to try for that.  But we ought to start preparing for it.
    • At some point Cupcake is going to have to get out of my body.  I REALLY need to start preparing for that.
    • Cribs and furniture are expensive.  Need to get busy shopping for them now.
    • The kicking is visible and feel-able on the outside.  Which is weird, and wonderful, and wacky.  And sometimes keeps me from sleeping.  We even balanced a comb on the belly and watched it bounce with the kicking.
    • One week from tomorrow we will be on vacation in Florida.  And we will be wearing bikinis.