Project Accomplished!

I took the day off today (it was a free day for me actually) to paint and put the border up in the nursery. My mom came to help and together, we completed a decoration makeover worthy of HGTV.

The project began last night when Nutella and I moved what little furniture is in the room away from the walls, and used a lot of painter’s tape for its obvious use, and also to mark where we were going to put the border up.

This morning, my mom and I painted the blue portion of the walls.

Unfortunately, the dog tried to “help.”
Blue dog butt

Once the paint was dry (and we helped it along with a hair dryer), we pasted and stuck the border on.

I also repainted the white baseboard mouldings. And after 5 hours, voila!!

And a close-up shot of the hoppy frog border

Next step: furniture… (might be a while)

14 responses to “Project Accomplished!

  1. that is totally adorable! and i love that you got a picture of the dog’s help 😉

  2. looks beautiful!!

  3. I think it looks really cute!

  4. Very nice it looks too! You’re inspiring us – keep up the good work!

  5. Les Make Babies

    What an accomplishment! It looks great, but I know how much of an undertaking that must have been. I love the border – adorable.

  6. I really like the colors, just perfect!

  7. The room is looking great! We think the colors are perfect! Nice job!!

  8. ohhhhhhhhhhh i love the little frogs!!! good work!

  9. You can’t help but feel hoppy when you look at your design. Very nice…….

  10. It’s super cute and I’m very impressed it only took five hours.

  11. That looks really great – must feel great to have it done as well. Had to laugh at the dog – looks so indignant about it all lol

  12. it looks awesome. You and your mommy did a great job!!

  13. It looks great – nice work!

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