Daily Archives: December 9, 2008

Whoever came up with pink and blue?

We went to a couple wallpaper stores this weekend, in search of a border for the nursery. The room is already minty green, and we want to put a frog-themed border up in the middle and paint the bottom part a watery blue. We were both pretty appalled at the gender separation applied to wallpaper, knowing this is really just the tip of the iceberg. There were books with boy sections and girl sections, and in the ones that didn’t separate them into sections, there were wallpapers broken out into the girl version, the boy version, and the I-don’t-know version. Ugh.

Anyway, we did both agree on a wonderful border, which was in fact, the girl version because of the softened color palette and thin purple edges. It happened to match our paint colors better and we couldn’t care less about which gender the wallpaper people think it applies to.

Our colors are:

cucumber crush
Cucumber crush

little pond
little pond

And the border in the middle is below, only with purple edges instead of gray:
hoppy frogs

I’m going to take a day off soon and do the painting and bordering, though we have a bit of cleaning to do before then.

In other news, shortly after Nutella started feeling movement, so did I! This weekend, I felt Cupcake tap my hand twice when it was on Nutella’s abdomen. When she feels stronger movements from within, she’ll let me know and I can usually feel him wriggling around in there. We were really surprised it happened so early and I love it 🙂