10 more days to guess the sex

Our anatomy scan is in 10 days so I thought I’d post a bit about all the guesses people have been making about Cupcake’s sex.

The Peruvian coworker, who asked me to walk a few feet and then declared that I’m having a girl.

The Chinese coworker, who cornered me in the kitchen and declared that I’m having a boy.

My mother, who clearly sees the similarities between her pregnancy with me and this pregnancy and believes that I’m having a girl.

Strawberry, who asked “give me your hand” and when I gave it to her palm down she declared that it meant we were having a boy.  She saw this on Ellen.  But she thinks this method is dumb.

My subconscious, which keeps giving me dreams of a baby girl.

And lastly, my grandmother, who drew me aside as were were leaving a restaurant a few weeks ago and whispered to me. “You’re having a boy because your rear is large.”

Yes, folks, you read that right.  My grandmother thinks I have a fat ass.  And so far, there’s no clear majority in either the boy or girl camp.  What do you all think?  Anyone else have funny methods that they’d like to share to find out before our scan?  If you share the method, we promise that we’ll try it out (if it’s not too weird) and then post the result.

23 responses to “10 more days to guess the sex

  1. I’ve felt a girl-vibe ever since you guys tested positive.

  2. Supposedly if the baby’s heat rate is above 150 (I think) then it is a girl. I’ve already disproved this theory.

    And most people have told me that they knew I was carrying a boy because my rear HASN”T gotten bigger.

    Go figure. It’s a fun game to play.

  3. My sister said a low heart rate meant girl, and a fast heart rate meant boy. On our first sonogram, the heart rate was 117, so my sister was convinced it was a girl. On the second sonogram, the heart rate was 155, so did we change sex?

  4. j-k-c: Well, the heart rate has consistently been above 150, though not by much (153, 170, 153). The last time the OB used the doppler, she didn’t tell us what it was. Boo.

  5. Did you try the Chinese gender Predictor Calendar?

  6. A friend of mine thinks that if you have a lot of morning sickness it’s a girl. Her theory is the extra doses of estrogen is what makes the morning sickness worse.

    The Chinese Predictor said I’m having a girl but it’s clearly a boy.

    Good luck!

  7. Alright Keely, I played and the chinese predictor says I’ll be having a girl. Of course, the odds are 50/50, which any gambler would tell you is a good bet. We’ll see.

    And JKC, the funny thing about the big rear comment is that mine isn’t actually any bigger now that it was pre-pregnancy. So I guess my grandmother has always thought that and was just too polite to say so.

  8. Apparently, if the baby is riding “high” in your belly, it’s a girl.

    More fun old wives tales (I knew there was a difference between high and low, I just forgot which was which):

  9. I think you might be having a girl because of that morning sickness means a girl theory…. who knows???

  10. Alright Elwing, that test asked some really weird questions, but it gave me a score of 36% boy, 63% girl.

  11. I have no vibes, but think it’s a hoot how everyone has such strange ways to guess! xo

  12. I don’t have any rhyme or reason for my vibe/guess…but I am going with girl.

  13. Every single time I have guessed I have been wrong. So, let me guess boy and see if my streak continues.

  14. No voodoo here but I’m going with girl. Can’t wait to hear the results!

  15. My crystal ball says girl. Do you have names picked out yet, or are you keeping them secret until the little bundle arrives??

  16. Heather- We have names picked out, but we’re not sharing them with anyone (even our parents) 🙂

  17. Looks like odds are heavily on girl. Of course, when in doubt, I always consult the online magic eight ball: http://www.osric.com/8ball/
    🙂 Either way I can’t wait to hear it from you!

  18. Keely- Well, we did say we’d try everything. So I asked it: Are we having a girl? And it said: Very doubtful. So I asked: Are we having a boy? And it said: Better not tell you now. lol.

  19. A few days before I was able to pee on a stick with Ashton, I asked myself: What if I’m pregnant — what would my child be like? And the first thing that popped into my head was a little boy exactly like Ash, including the blue eyes and the piercing look he sometimes gets. (To be fair, my subconscious said he’d be a brunette, but my hair was the same color when I was his age.) So I guess I recommend listening to your subconscious. 🙂

  20. I have no idea but I can’t wait to find out!

  21. My friend Deah has had a girl and is pregnant with a boy right now (in fact, delivery is coming quickly). I have to agree with the riding high or low theory, because with the girl, she had a cute little baby bump. The boy looks as if he is trying to separate as far from her body as possible without *actually* being on the outside. In both pregnancies, Deah has looked AMAZINGLY cute, but the boy has been lower and stuck farther out. You might want to look at the shape of your stomach as the pregnancy develops. I am fairly certain that her stomach didn’t look any different until they already knew the sex anyway…

  22. Our guess is going to be a baby girl! We are excited to hear the results – now only a couple days away!!! Good luck with the scan and the picture of your puppy sleeping on your lap is absolutely adorable!!

  23. GIRL! GIRL! GIRL!!!

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