Daily Archives: November 25, 2008

10 more days to guess the sex

Our anatomy scan is in 10 days so I thought I’d post a bit about all the guesses people have been making about Cupcake’s sex.

The Peruvian coworker, who asked me to walk a few feet and then declared that I’m having a girl.

The Chinese coworker, who cornered me in the kitchen and declared that I’m having a boy.

My mother, who clearly sees the similarities between her pregnancy with me and this pregnancy and believes that I’m having a girl.

Strawberry, who asked “give me your hand” and when I gave it to her palm down she declared that it meant we were having a boy.  She saw this on Ellen.  But she thinks this method is dumb.

My subconscious, which keeps giving me dreams of a baby girl.

And lastly, my grandmother, who drew me aside as were were leaving a restaurant a few weeks ago and whispered to me. “You’re having a boy because your rear is large.”

Yes, folks, you read that right.  My grandmother thinks I have a fat ass.  And so far, there’s no clear majority in either the boy or girl camp.  What do you all think?  Anyone else have funny methods that they’d like to share to find out before our scan?  If you share the method, we promise that we’ll try it out (if it’s not too weird) and then post the result.