Baby stuff in our house. Don’t panic.

So, Strawberry and I agreed not to buy any baby stuff until after our anatomy scan on Dec 4.  We resisted the adorable expensive cupcake onesie at a store last weekend and the clearance Halloween stuff at Old N*vy last night.  But then today something came up on Freecycle that I couldn’t pass up.

So on my way home from work tonight I’ll be picking up a Peg Perego high chair.  And the lady is giving me a Primo baby bathtub too.  I don’t know if I’m ready for this.

12 responses to “Baby stuff in our house. Don’t panic.

  1. I am supremely impressed that you managed to avoid buying the cupcake onesie!!

  2. We’re not as strong as you. We bought two Halloween onesies and some Halloween booties on clearance at Target. And then last night we did our first freecycle pickup. I think it has begun, but we haven’t yet figured out where all of this stuff is going to go! We’ve decided to get serious about this in the new year.

  3. Your restraint is impressive! Since you’ve caved – I think you should head back out this weekend and pick up the onsie – cupcakes are genderless!

  4. Well we would, except that the onesie was $20(!). We’re not that cheap, but $20 for ONE onesie? I think we decided to just make the same design on a plain onesie ourselves 🙂

  5. wow. no cupcake onsie? that is a must!! We have a rule that we can only buy, 1. clothes, 2. on clearence, and 3. our total purchace can not go over $10. We were doing really well until they opened a Carters outlet near our house!!

  6. i’m impressed about the onesie, too! YAY high chair! it’s only gonna get more fun from here!

  7. Too cute!! LOVE IT!!!! LOL!! 🙂

  8. Wow your restraint is amazing. We have been getting things here and there – but we have purchased nothing yet. We have to figure out some sort of storage system however. I love the idea of making your own cupcake on a onesie – I think we are going to make some designed onesies too.

  9. Technically, stuff from freecycle is not buying. You didn’t have to pay for it. As for the cupcake onesie…I will be happy to decorate as many onesies with cupcakes that I have time for if that’s what you want. I think has onesies….here’s the link…

  10. I don’t think stuff from freecycle counts – it’s free! Congrats on the good finds!

  11. hey let me know if you need anything specific! we are done with babymaking…

  12. I remember freaking out when we bought our first baby things (a pack n play and a bouncy seat from a yard sale). It was so overwhelming to just have it in the house!
    We just had our shower this weekend and I would recommend not buying many clothes….you get so many!

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