Pop! (and 18 week update)

We were going to post belly shots for every two weeks, but decided that since there were such noticably drastic changes recently, to post weekly shots. Nutella really seemed to pop by 16 weeks. The belly is rounding out and quite hard.


We are still waiting on feeling movement though. They say most women feel it between 18 and 20 weeks, if not earlier, but being an impatient person, I want Nutella to feel that baby now! (ok, I just read something on the web that said some first time moms may not feel it until 24 weeks- boo)

As far as health goes, she’s been cutting back on the Zofran a bit. We’ll see how that goes, although the nausea does seem to be backing off some. There have been some pulling sensations in the abdomen and hips, with some hip joint pain for a day or two (gone now). Nutella’s also had some leg cramping at night. Unfortunately, she has also caught my cold but is doing alright and is on the mend. Cupcake is probably getting bouncy from all the sneezing. Oh, and there’s also been some lower back pain as expected, but luckily she’s got an appointment at a chiropractor on Thursday. Hoping that will help alleviate things somewhat. Still, these aches and pains are preferable to previous symptoms.

All in all, doing well and still amazed that today is 18 weeks. Whoa.

19 responses to “Pop! (and 18 week update)

  1. cool… love the growing belly… hope cupcake gets really active and breaks the records for making him/herself known with a little wiggle or kick or headbutt.

  2. The belly really is starting to round out there. Hope she gets to feel movement soon and doesnt catch too many more colds.

  3. I can’t wait to see the belly myself next week! So exciting!!!

  4. Yay for 18 weeks. It’s still really early for movement though. And unfortunately, Strawberry, it will be an even longer wait until you can feel cupcake too! But–time passes quickly it seems. By New Year’s Cupcake will be kicking both of you!

  5. wishinghopingpraying

    Aw, the belly is so cute! 18 weeks already? Time flies.

  6. Nutella – Your belly looks great…. I am happy that the really bad symtoms have gone away. In my informal poll around my office all of the 1st time moms here felt the baby at around 20 weeks. I hope it is the same for you guys.

  7. I love the belly! Glad to hear things are improving in the symptom arena.

  8. Love the belly pics.Thanks for posting. Hopefully the chiropracter will give you some exercises to do that will help relieve back issues. I feel for you. Mom

  9. Grow, baby grow!

    A tip – the cramping in the legs is almost certainly from dehydration. I’d try drinking a couple of extra glasses of water a day. I’ve suffered from this in both my pregnancies and it’s from not drinking enough. It’s 64 ozs a day as a rule, but it is really different for everyone.

    If it’s not dehydration, she probably needs more potassium, so a banana or two a day would probably do the trick.

  10. I’ve heard 20 weeks as average as well. I can’t wait! Congrats on making it to 18 weeks. What an accomplishment! I’m 14 weeks today

  11. Wow. 18 weeks. Time does fly.
    Thanks for posting the belly shots-glad you are feeling better.

  12. Belly pics are so fun! And yes, take them every week!!! It’s amazing how much you can grow from week to week.

  13. YEAH!! Love the belly pics!! They are awesome!!

  14. Wow it’s 18 weeks already? Glad the nauseas getting a bit better. Maybe cupcake will decide that the bouncing is pretty cool and keep it up once the colds gone!

  15. Wow, I can’t believe the weekly changes – how exciting! Happy 18 weeks!

  16. What a wonderful progression!
    It’s so fun when you can really tell the difference with the pop πŸ™‚

  17. you are really popping! you look officially pregnant πŸ™‚

  18. Awesome belly shots! I didn’t feel the baby move until the end of the 21st week. And when it started, it wasn’t very consistent. I know that is a fun part so I hope it comes soon for you!

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