Daily Archives: November 19, 2008

Pop! (and 18 week update)

We were going to post belly shots for every two weeks, but decided that since there were such noticably drastic changes recently, to post weekly shots. Nutella really seemed to pop by 16 weeks. The belly is rounding out and quite hard.


We are still waiting on feeling movement though. They say most women feel it between 18 and 20 weeks, if not earlier, but being an impatient person, I want Nutella to feel that baby now! (ok, I just read something on the web that said some first time moms may not feel it until 24 weeks- boo)

As far as health goes, she’s been cutting back on the Zofran a bit. We’ll see how that goes, although the nausea does seem to be backing off some. There have been some pulling sensations in the abdomen and hips, with some hip joint pain for a day or two (gone now). Nutella’s also had some leg cramping at night. Unfortunately, she has also caught my cold but is doing alright and is on the mend. Cupcake is probably getting bouncy from all the sneezing. Oh, and there’s also been some lower back pain as expected, but luckily she’s got an appointment at a chiropractor on Thursday. Hoping that will help alleviate things somewhat. Still, these aches and pains are preferable to previous symptoms.

All in all, doing well and still amazed that today is 18 weeks. Whoa.