Farewell week 16

Now that we are in the second trimester, time is moving a lot faster. During the first trimester, time dragged by sooo slooowly and every week was a major milestone. Weeks are still milestones nowadays, but they sure are flying. And we are both axiously awaiting the moment that Cupcake taps or kicks hard enough that Nutella feels him/her. As well, we are anxiously awaiting our 20 week appointment and hoping from then on, we can refer to Cupcake as “he” or “she.” Not to mention see how big he or she has grown.

Speaking of growing, the belly is starting to pop! I “worship” the belly each night by gently rubbing a bar chock full of natural oils from LUSH on it, in hopes that it will help keep the skin healthy and flexible and not as prone to stretch marks. Whatever…stretch marks are going to happen regardless, but Nutella and I both enjoy the ritual. And I like feeling that I’m caressing the baby in the only way I can right now. For the past few nights, I’ve noticed the belly is definitely starting to get noticeably bigger and very cute. We’ll post pictures again soon, perhaps a set of 3 for each 2-week period (14-16-18).

I’m currently getting over a cold, and like many other times, I find myself wondering what it’s going to be like when there’s a baby in the picture. What’s going to happen when one of us gets sick? What about when the baby gets sick? How will our morning schedules change? And our evenings? How are we going to manage on so little sleep? How is our dog going to handle the attention shift? How will we handle vacations? How will we still find time to ourselves? Will we even care that much? How will things change between us? Will we always be able to compromise on parenting decisions? Will we need to?

So many questions, and my rock of a wife always calms me just by smiling and saying “We’ll figure it out.” I just commented on another blog about how scared I used to be regarding the prospect of parenthood. Luckily, these questions aren’t so scary anymore…they’re just curiosities. And I know that once we have our baby in our arms, well, as far as everything else is concerned, we’ll figure it out.

5 responses to “Farewell week 16

  1. I’m so glad that things are moving along so swimmingly. I love your evening ritual – I might have to adopt that for our family. I love following your story!

    Take care!

  2. The time just keep speeding up….wait until the 3rd trimester. 🙂
    I totally understand what you mean, contemplating all the changes that we are about to undergo, that we have no.idea about. S and I say the same thing…we will figure it out, because we always figure things out.

  3. My only piece of advice that I will ever pass on again is that when push comes to shove, everything will change and if you are strong in each other, you will survive. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is the same now that we have a child and we suspect that when our son is born in 4 months, it will all change again. The only certainty is that we are a family and THAT will never change.

  4. Hi guys. I think that in some ways the things you always used to think were important won’t be-and that will feel just right. I remember thinking before Danny came that maybe we’d have someone watch him while we still continued to go to our bed and breakfast every 6 months, but after having him, the bed and breakfast place is only magical with him there with us. Couldn’t imagine leaving him behind. Maybe that will change as he grows. All I know is that I don’t miss some things I thought I might and I so adore so many things I never thought I would.

    Family friendly workplaces are helpful with the sickness thing. But you’ll find a way. Can’t wait to hear if you will have a boy cupcake or a girl cupcake! -Monica

  5. I know what you mean about those questions… I think about that a ton. We don’t always do our dishes at night, and this morning I was thinking as I was doing dishes – what will happen when we have to get a child ready for school, will we be able to do dishes or will we finally do them at night? My questions go from so big (religion, etc..) to the really small (dishes). I am sure you guys will figure it out, as will we. I have been starting to think that all of those questions are just a good way to start getting ready for these babies to arrive.

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