Moving right along

Fairly uneventful OB appointment this afternoon, which is good!  I have gained another 3/4 lb. (I’m betting it was the Chip*tle I had for lunch) and we heard the nice strong heartbeat right away with the doppler.  The biggest excitement is that my Rh blood factor came back as A-.  This was a very big surprise as both my parents and my sister are A+ and we have always assumed that I was as well.  Our donor is A+ so that means I will have to get a rhogam shot at 28 weeks so that if the baby’s blood type is + my body doesn’t attack the baby.  Great news for a needlephobe, let me tell you!

In other news, the OB cleared us to push my next routine appointment out to 5 weeks so that we can take care of the anatomy scan at the same visit.  We’ve scheduled it for December 4.  I’ll be at 20w1d but if Cupcake isn’t cooperating, they will simply do another scan at the follow up visit a month later.  We are not having the quad scan or any of the other genetic screening blood tests that are offered.

In other news, I found the perfect pair of maternity pants on the clearance rack at a schmacy boutique this weekend.  They are black cotton twill, slightly dressy, machine washable, fit under the belly, and have this brilliant elastic in the back of the waistband.  The elastic has a buttonhole every 2 inches or so.  On the inside at the left hip it can be pulled tight or loosened up and then secured by a button sewn to the inside seam.  I expect I’ll be able to wear them throughout my pregnancy.  If they’d had another pair I’d have bought 2!

7 responses to “Moving right along

  1. wishinghopingpraying

    I am so glad everything went well. That is just what we want to hear; perfect, healthy baby. Nice find on the pants 🙂

  2. Sounds like everything is going great. I know that finding good maternity clothes was always a challenge for Su. Sounds like you scored! Have a wonderful day! -Monica

  3. So exciting! Now where’s that schmancy store (for future reference)?

  4. Keely, well the schmancy store is a boutique at a mall outside of Baltimore. And I gotta say, I didn’t exactly love the rest of their stuff and thier prices were insane.

  5. So, so glad that everything is healthy and that things are uneventful….that’s exactly how the ideal pregnancy goes.
    Those under the belly pants with the adjustable elastic (g*p has lots like that) are fantastic through middle pregnancy. But, I have found over the past couple of weeks and am getting taught again today that the under the belly pants are not great as the belly gets bigger. The belly just pushes them down and you have to be careful that you aren’t revealing too much of yourself everytime you stand up (sometimes I can’t even feel them slipping down). I’m really, really irritated with my formerly favorite pair of maternity pants today, can you tell?

  6. Good to hear about the good appointment!

    Hah, it’s funny to hear a fellow stitcher’s first reaction to that buttonholey elastic. I said the same thing when I saw it first! Now it’s in half of Ashton’s pants as well (the non-cheap ones). My hat is absolutely off to whoever invented that stuff.

    I think every woman has a slightly different maternity-pants experience. I bought both under-the-belly and belly-banded garments in my 2nd trimester and decided I /hated/ almost all the stuff with belly bands. Wound up going out and buying big non-maternity stretch jeans in my 8.5th month because I was so irritated by maternity clothes and I KNEW the jeans would stay put under my belly. But then, I had already stocked up on great big super-long shirts, so revealing myself was less of a problem.

  7. That sounds like such a good appointment although I am sorry about the needle need. Great find on your pants. I have a pair that sounds very similar. I love them.

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