1st Trimester Report Card for Pregnancy Symptoms

I thought this idea was so cute when Vee and Jay did it.  Depending on who you ask, my 2nd trimester starts tomorrow or next week, so I figure I’m ok to post this now.  As with normal U.S. grading standards, an A score is the best and an F score is the worst. In this case, an F probably sent me into fits of crying at some point.

Exhaustion: D
Nausea/Vomiting: F
Heartburn: F
Backache: C
Constipation: C
Weight Gain: A (5 lbs!)
Food Aversions: B (only eggs, green veggies, sometimes chicken)
Food Cravings: A (only chinese noodles)
Heightened Sense of Smell: B
Emotions: A

Notes:  Nutella did exceptionally well with the emotional aspects of the 1st trimester.  She was moderately tired but managed to complete most of her daily activities in a normal manner.  Exceptions were meal preparation and household cleaning.  Liberal indulgence in naps and early bedtimes assisted with this.  Physically, Nutella struggled with excessive heartburn and nausea, culminating in forced hospital medical care.  We would like to see improvement in this area.

As the supporting partner, Strawberry excelled this trimester.  She was emotionally and physically supportive and even picked up the dropped tasks that Nutella neglected, even when they went beyond her  comfort zone.  For this she receives top marks.  Extra credit was earned by her generous belly worship and brave spider slaying and cricket capture/release activities.  Keep up the good work!

6 responses to “1st Trimester Report Card for Pregnancy Symptoms

  1. yup, another sara

    I love this and I am so sorry to hear about all the nausea/vomiting. Here’s hoping you are past the worst of it and it’s all smooth sailing ahead!

  2. such great marks! so amazing that you are already entering the 2nd trimester! yay!!

  3. Heh! Congrats on graduating!

  4. These reports make me smile so much 🙂 I am sorry about all the vomiting, but I’m smiling too 🙂

  5. This is so funny, even with all the low marks!

  6. Congratulations on graduation and on your excellent performance! Hope second trimester has you feeling better!

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