Tossed to the side

I guess I always knew this time would come. I mean, there seems to always be one partner in the relationship who is going to look outwards…maybe even stray. I couldn’t keep playing dumb and think I would be able to fulfill all her needs. I must accept it, take a deep breath and be strong…

That thing better watch its back.

8 responses to “Tossed to the side

  1. hee hee… poor strawberry 😉

  2. Hmm…that looks comfy. It also looks like there’s room for you to spoon up behind Nutella on that pillow. I hope it’s helping her to sleep better and longer.

  3. How funny! Nutella looks as though she is sleeping quite peacefully. Maybe you can get matching pillows, or not…

  4. She tried sharing it and I manuevered my way halfway on top of it, but I can’t say it’s in any way meant for two people 😉

  5. OH, I just found the perfect thing for you, Strawberry! Don’t ask why I was thinking about this pillow…

    I hope this link still works –

  6. word- LOL. Now find me one with a boobie 😉

  7. It happens to all of us. I feel bad for those with small beds because once the snoogle moves in the non pregnant mom has to move out. At least with our queen sized bed we can all still fit.

  8. reproducinggenius

    You poor thing–but I can see why she wandered. I mean, look at how comfy she looks!

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