More adventures with receptionists

11 weeks today. Cupcake is around the size of a fig or an apricot. I guess soon Cupcake will be the size of an actual cupcake. Mmm…cupcakes.

Nutella just made the appointment for the nuchal translucency scan (the ultrasound that will test for the likelihood of Down Syndrome). We’re not doing a blood test in combination with the ultrasound…I mean, we’re pretty much just doing the ultrasound to see the cupcake again. Yes, we’re ultrasound junkies…can’t get enough. The appointment is on Thurs, Oct 16 when we’ll be at 13w1d. The confused billing people told us the cost estimate was $1200. We think that’s for everything and using their billing codes, came up with our own estimate of around $600 (before the “consult” part). Can anyone help by providing their own cost for when they got it done? Luckily our insurance will cover most of it.

No more puking episodes since Monday. Nutella is taking 2 zantac (equivalent to prescription strength) twice a day, and that’s keeping the worst of the heartburn and nausea at bay, though the nausea is still a tricky bitch these days. And a fun new symptom- Nutella can’t seem to get a decent night’s sleep. How is this physiologically beneficial again?

9 responses to “More adventures with receptionists

  1. glad the heartburn and nausea is giving nutella a little break! can’t think of any reason that not sleeping would be useful. guess it is just another one of those head-scratching, go-figure, wonder-what-that’s-about, body responses meant to keep us in awe that we function at all 😉

    11 weeks already, wow! so happy for you three. this is all so expensive, i hope insurance covers most…

  2. Glad to hear things are going better! After our 6 week ultrasound with Danny we didn’t have another one until 20 weeks where the measured the nuchal fold. I know it was all covered by Su’s insurance. You’re having one at 13 weeks so you’d know sooner rather later if anything looks amiss with the measurements? -M

  3. Monica- This particular scan can only be done between weeks 11 and 13.

  4. Oh, you’re right. I remember learning about that one. We just didn’t go ahead and do it so I forgot about it. I do remember them measuring the fold though because our technician was not very communicative and I was in need of way more information that what we were getting. Best of luck! Hopefully your insurance will totally cover it. -M

  5. I am sorry I can’t help you with how much the scan costs, but I hope you can figure it out before you have it. I am so happy to hear that Nutella’s nausa is getting better. I would love to hear any tips you might have. I might have to invest in Zantac.

  6. L.babypants-

    Here are some things that Nutella has found to make her feel better (and I’m copying this from a comment she left on another blog):

    Carbs are my savior. Fresh bakery white bread, sometimes toasted with a little Smart Balance. Plain buttered noodles. Low sodium saltines. Cereal. Also, eating frequently. Like, every 2-3 hours, even in the middle of the might. Yes, it’s a pain in the ass. Milk is also great for me.

    Chewing gum, especially in the car, helps to keep the nausea somewhat at bay. I’m wearing seabands, but I don’t really know if they are helping.

    Meat is iffy. Eggs are a HUGE no for me. Veggies, especially raw, have no appeal. Fruit is a maybe.

    One thing that helped me a lot was stopping my pre-natal. I noticed that I felt pretty awful after taking it so I stopped. I’m now taking a regular chewable adult vitamin and extra folic acid.

    Ginger does help my nausea, but it makes my underlying problem worse. I seem to have far too much stomach acid. Pair that with a lazy esophageal reflex (something common in pregnancy) and I’ve been having horrid reflux and heartburn. Per the advice of an online forum, and confirmed by my OB, I am now taking the perscription strength dose of Zantac (150mg) 2 times a day. It has been a life saver.

    Another piece of advice from my OB was to take an additional 25-100mg of B6 daily. And, to offer even more nausea relief you can take a Unisom tablet at night (the tablets only). I’m doing the B6, but haven’t noticed any difference. I haven’t tried the Unisom yet.

  7. Glad things have settled down somewhat! Can’t help you whatsoever with the cost question, but it’s exciting that you’ve got another one coming up so soon.

  8. Hey, ladies! I might be able to get DJ to look up the billing codes for you, which will then help you verify the correct price. We’re in a time crunch today, though — he’s working one job and interviewing for another, and I have an interview, a visit to my oma, and to pick up my MIL. So I might wind up keeping an eye on this and getting back to you later if nobody else can help you faster than me.

  9. Thanks for the offer Mel, but there’s actually a free website where I was able to look up the codes. By my calculations, it looks like the Medicare payable amount would be around $600. Of course, the amount billed to private insurance may be far higher, since that’s the way money is made in health care.

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