Not fun


I suppose I’ve been lucky until now.  All my nausea has been just that.  A feeling of queasiness.  Well, this morning it tipped the scales and I actually lost the contents of my stomach.  Into a sink in a kitchen at work.  And this is not the activity that you remember from bouts of the flu.  Where you throw up and then feel better.  This is 10 minutes of heaving until every last bit of saltine and peppermint candy and stomach acid is gone.  Until tears are pouring down your face and snot is coming out of your nose and you are sweating and shaking.  Now my throat is killing me and I’m still shaking and my eyes are red.  I’ve swished and rinsed.  I’m nursing tiny sips of water and have manged to eat another saltine.  And I’m back at my desk and counting the hours until I can be back in bed.  And still, no one here knows because no one heard me.

12 responses to “Not fun

  1. I’m so sorry for the way you’re feeling. You poor thing. Hopefully it will ease up soon. Just focus on the end result and know it will be worth it.

  2. can you go home sick???

    yuck–I threw up at work once last spring, in between teaching two classes–not fun
    (and unfortunately not-pregnancy related!, it turned out my pre-natal vitamins were making me sick, so I switched brands.)

    feel better

  3. UGH. No. fun. *hugs*

  4. how totally dreadful… i have to say, the one good thing about NOT being pregnant this round, and, really it is the ONLY thing… is that i have to travel and produce meetings all this month… i was dreading the possibility of hurling all over the place in strange new places.

    hope this is an unusual occurrence in the course of your pregnancy… may the saltines stay down!

  5. ooooops, that comment from dakota, was really from mulberry… dakota’s computer is sick and i did not realize that mine was logged in as her 😉

    well, if she was sitting here with me, i bet that she would wish your saltines stay down too!

  6. Oh, no! Sorry, sweetie. I hope you keep your saltines for the rest of the day.

  7. How NOT fun. I sure hope you feel better already and that this does not become a regular thing. And I second the motion to consider going home sick if you just need to rest. -Monica

  8. Oh, girl…I feel for you. I hope this passes soon.

  9. Ugh, that sounds so awful – I’m sorry. I hope it was a one-time event.

  10. So sorry that happened. I had a bout like that early on, but it happened at home right before I left for work. Then I couldn’t stop crying so I called out of work that day. It only ever happened once for me though. There was only one or two other vomiting episodes and none as bad as that first one.

  11. Sorry to hear that – bad new at any time but I feel for you having to work through it too! Hope it got better for you..

  12. This part really isn’t much fun, but trust me, you’ll barely remember it six months from now. Hang in there.

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