Daily Archives: September 29, 2008

Not fun


I suppose I’ve been lucky until now.  All my nausea has been just that.  A feeling of queasiness.  Well, this morning it tipped the scales and I actually lost the contents of my stomach.  Into a sink in a kitchen at work.  And this is not the activity that you remember from bouts of the flu.  Where you throw up and then feel better.  This is 10 minutes of heaving until every last bit of saltine and peppermint candy and stomach acid is gone.  Until tears are pouring down your face and snot is coming out of your nose and you are sweating and shaking.  Now my throat is killing me and I’m still shaking and my eyes are red.  I’ve swished and rinsed.  I’m nursing tiny sips of water and have manged to eat another saltine.  And I’m back at my desk and counting the hours until I can be back in bed.  And still, no one here knows because no one heard me.